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    Why is the response so lukewarm?

    Recently Govt showed it's intention to hire some of the Joint Secretaries/ Secretaries directly from outside to function in a better way.

    Normally it is the prerogative of IAS officers to occupy these coveted seats.

    Accordingly, the Govt advertised these posts for open competition to all the professionals in our country but the response is not as good as was envisaged.

    As per the news in the media, so far only about 4000 applications are received as against the anticipated figure of about 1 lakh.

    Why this lukewarm response?
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    People know that IAS officers association is having much say and their lobby is supported by various political parties too and the applying candidates are well aware that if at all they are blessed with jobs and positions, soon they would be deprived of the same as the strong IAS officers association shall move the courts and vacate the new incumbents from the jobs. So that may be one of the reasons for less number of applications to the government advertisement. Moreover these jobs are more transferable often to which many wont like and hence want to go through selection process only.
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    One reason which comes to my mind is that the professionals who are already working in big companies and drawing good salaries may not like to work in Govt environment especially under political interferences.

    Their mindset is not tuned to such working.

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    There are many reasons for this fewer responses.
    The posts are for a particular time period. So people in the private Organisation with higher payments may not be interested in leaving the present job they are in.
    These posts are under Politicians. Next year elections are coming. The government may change or the minister may change. In such case what will be the fate of these people.
    All surrounding people in the office will be IAS cadre and they may not cooperate with these people who directly came and occupied the important posts.
    People who used to work with full independence may not like to be controlled by politicians whose desires and methods will be completely different from that of a common man.
    The corporate atmosphere is entirely different from that of a government establishment and your decision making may become slow and you may have to wait for approvals and authorisations.

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    It's a contract job for a limited period & therefore for someone who is already in permanent job, why they should be interested into something which doesn't guarantee the consistency.

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    Mr Umesh I totally agree With you what I feel in today's Competition World, day by day the Competition is getting increased not decreasing so they also want that their candidates must be very Active.
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    To function in a better way, there should be less interference. Those in the ranks of Secretaries/Joint Secretaries know how their daily life is. IAS officers are one of the most intelligent ones in any government sector, but they cannot act independently and in many cases turn out to be the 'Yes Man' of the ministers.

    To be in the good book of a politician, one needs to master some specific tactics that is known to the people in government service. In this situation an outsider, specially from the private sector, may find it difficult. May be, for this reason the number of applicants is less.


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    The salary is definitely a consideration. People are in the private sector care about cash in hand as they fixed EMIs to pay for the house, car and so on. Such is the design of their lives. They do not care about the free quarters and other soft benefits that will now come with the government job. So even if they wish to join, it will not their financial planning goals and requirements. Hence, changing jobs midway form the private sector to the government sector is not suitable for most.

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