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    How aggressive can KCR be?

    Telengana is now rated number one or two as one of the best administered States. There has not been any major corruption charge against KCR. Some months ago, he did try to make inroads into some sort of Opposition Unity.

    At that time, the grand old man called Deva Gowda has reportedly said that the Congress should be part of the front. However, today, the Congress does not seem to be a big position to lead a front.

    Rahul Gandhi is yet to come out with a good story to attract the masses. The field is open for new leaders like KCR. Given his good record in Telengana and his image, he can pull it off? Will he be able to reconcile to the highly temperamental Didi and try to forge a good front? What will then happen to Mr Naidu, whose AP is also going from strength to strength? It is fine if the lousy and most corrupted party of India, called the AIADMK will not be part of this front. This front will not only loose whatever credibility it can build up, it cannot withstand the might of the DMK which will present itself as a superb alternative to come back to power.
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    There are many points going against the third front formation which was initiated by KCR.
    The first and the important concern is the credibility of KCR himself. How he deceived Congress by saying that he will merge his party with Congress once a separate state is given. Believing his words Sonia divided the State thinking that she will get all MP seats in Telangana. But Later on, KCR never cared for Congress.
    The second point is too many bosses can't go together. Didi wanted to be PM and KCR wanted to be PM. Deva Gowda may also be interested in the same post. Babu and KCR can't go together. How unity is possible among these people. We should have 6 to 7 PM posts if they have to go together.
    The third point is the people of India are fully aware of what happened with the third front government earlier. The Gowda ministry not lost long in the centre. Hence people may not venture to vote for such people again.
    So the chances of 3rd front lead by KCR may not be a reality and he is not a reliable leader.

    always confident

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