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(This thread is the Consolation Prize winner of Topic based month end TOW contest for the month Jul'18 on topic -Shadow )
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    Stepping out of somebody else's Shadow

    Rishab,came back exhausted after a hectic board meeting, he was second in command of his father's large business empire. He had everything and more, a fleet of luxury cars, zipping around the cities of power, lavish homes etc. His financial ventures, key decisions would be done with the nod of his father and life was going on well on the outside. However, inside he was missing something but could not put his finger on what it was.

    A few months later, he went for a weekend class reunion. While have a good time with fond memories of the college life, he was particularly intrigued by his friend, Mahesh who was simple, humble yet had the look and happiness of a contended man. Mahesh was also a son of a business tycoon but never could be found in elite social circles although both lived in the same city.

    After dinner by the campfire over a few drinks, the close friends looked back at how life's path have been. 'Mahesh yar. How can you be so happy? and what's all about this old Maruti car you are driving around?

    Mahesh thought for a few minutes and started his story in crisp and concise fashion. Rishab, after graduation, I had everything but all those had the stamp of hard work of father and my grandfather. Whatever I had cast a Shadow over me as if I was enjoying the fruits of somebody else's labour. Even for a tender, I had to check with my father. In short, I was living my life under the Shadows which was not my cup of tea.

    So, after a long thought, I took a loan from my father, started my own company from scratch. I have just managed to break even. Although, I don't have all the comforts and money, what little I have is my own. My life is out in the open and not in the shadows of my father or family. Most important is at the end of the day, I am contended and with pride I can say that what I have has the stamp of my sweat and tears. By the way, I am paying back my loan to father with interest every month.

    Rishab, was stunned, here was a man, his close friend, happy as a lark, contended as a monk with meager things and yet he (Rishab) with all the luxuries was feeling hollow inside. On returning home, Rishab poured out his story to his father. To his surprise, his father hugged him, poured him a drink and said, Rishab, I was waiting for this day, for you to stop living under my shadow and becoming a true man. All the best son, I love you much more now.

    With the blessings of his parents, Rishab too set out on the tough journey of his life like Mahesh had done. His life was no longer under the protective shadow that gave him everything including darkness, instead, it was now harsh out in the open on his own but with full of light. Yes, at sometime please step out of the shadows and the darkness and carve out your own path in life with your own might.

    MY TOW entry for Shadows.
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    A well-narrated story. The happiness we derive from our own hard work will the satisfaction required than enjoying the fruits of our elders. We spend the earnings of others. But if we purchase a small item with our own earnings will give us the maximum satisfaction. The satisfaction in creating our own life and proving our might with our hard work will always be the happiest thing than working and growing under the shadow of another person even he may be our elders. This is what I understand from the story narrated by the author. A good attempt.
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    We tend to live and grow under the shadows of elders and at times forget to manage things out of our own. The story is nicely described by the author in which the example of Mahesh, Rishab's close friend, worked as an eye opener to Rishab to come out of the shadow of his parents.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    There is nothing wrong to be self you and also taking the help of elders in the progress. The author made his best attempt to connect the tow topic to the understanding level of all.
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