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    How much water does it contain?

    Nowadays I notice that many people, especially ladies carry bottles of different shape and beautiful colour in offices and colleges. These bottles contain water. But the containing capacity of these fashionable bottles is very less (maximum 500 ml). Generally, people remain in office or in college for eight hours or more. Is 500 ml of water is sufficient for eight hours? I doubt.

    I think, people take more water during their stay in office or in college. In all probability, they re-fill the water bottles in office/college. My simple question is: If they consume water in office or in college, then is there any need to carry water-bottles? They can simply keep a jug and a glass in their personal cupboards and consume water when they feel thirsty?
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    It's a matter of taste. I too am carrying with a bottle so as to be comfortable with the safe & hygienic condition of its content. Usually I doubt of the cleanliness of the water being offered because of the fact that quite often I have witnessed with the scenario that the glasses were not cleaned giving a not good impression of the overall picture. But while I am having my own bottle giving me the confidence of the original content.

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    Many people try to use the same quality of water throughout the day. So the people will try to carry some water daily from the house while going for work. But how much water is required in the office? This again depends on the person and his habits. As far as I am concerned I will consume around a litre of water in the office. But I won't carry it from my house. My sons will carry a one-litre bottle filled with water. If this water is not sufficient they will get it filled in the office. Similarly, the employees irrespective of their gender will carry some water which they feel that is sufficient for them. Some people may have to travel long distances to reach their offices. For that reason, they may be carrying some water with them. After going to the office they may take water from the office. But the water they carry may be sufficient for their travel. While coming back they may get the bottle refilled in the office for their return journey. Like this, there may be many ways to look at this particular point.
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    Some people are habituated to water taken from home as the taste matters. Invariably in every office the taste of the water would be different from that of the home and hence take water bottle with them. For example my wife who is a teacher takes water bottle from the home, even though drinking water is available in the school . But what she says that the taste varies , where as we have the corporation water which is very tasty. Moreover those who are habituated to the Manjeera water, the main drinking water source for Hyderabad supplied through corporation have very good taste which cannot be resisted,
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    If people want to drink water taken from home, then why only 500 ml? Is it sufficient for 8-10 hours?
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    It depends from person to person. I have seen people who drink very less water throughout the day and for them carrying 500 ml for so long is fine. But those who drink more, 500 ml for 8 hrs seems less.

    The one simple reason for carrying the water maybe to avoid the thirst while travelling to and from the office.


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    As Many people are Carrying a Water Bottle Whether a Student,a employee, whoever they carry water bottle why means they feels thirsty. I know carrying too much water is not necessary,we should carry how much we consume, but we cannot carry water in jug because may be it would get leaked from somewhere. So we should always Remember our Safety.
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    They may not drink, they may sip few drops time and again and quench the thirst. Only this can happen with 500 ml water which aptly fits into their hand bags.
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    It is basically for emergencies that if suddenly water is required we can use it. Otherwise in office there is no problem as some aquaguard or water cleaner will be there.

    So, it is a type of back up with us when we are in transit from one place to other.

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    I keep a bottle of water next to me, to remind me to fluid up. People must have their own reasons for carrying a bottle of water. They could be sipping from the bottle while commuting. It is possible that they consume less water, and not what health experts prescribe. I can go without water, I do not feel thirsty, and have to consciously remind myself to remain hydrated.

    People could be carrying something else in their flasks – rehydration salts for example. My husband used to carry an Orange Tang and Orange Glucose drink, in a 500ml flask, when his job entailed being outdoors, in the heat. My daughter used to carry a flask of green tea to work. Everyone has their own needs and likings.

    Most offices provide water bottles at the desk, but some employees may have an issue with bottles getting mixed up, caps getting exchanged etc. It is a personal choice, it's not worth breaking our heads over it.

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