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    How many "shadows" are there ?

    The word "shadow" appears in different connotations in different contexts.We may say the high rise building cast a long 'shadow' across the play ground. We may sometimes make a statement like " I sensed a 'shadow' of disappointment in his statement".
    In another context one might put it as the police 'shadowed' the suspect for several days. He followed her like a 'shadow' wherever she went. One can see one's own shadowin front of a light.
    We could see spreading a ' shadow' of sadness when the death of the leader was announced. This actor was 'shadowing' other actors because of his personality and ability.
    Just by going through the different statements above one can see how the word ' shadow' is being used in different contexts.
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    The above is my submission for the TOW contest .

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    Mr. Sankaran: Please go the contest announcement thread and give the link of this post there.
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    The author has given various contests where the word shadow can be used with a specific meaning. A good way of explaining the word.
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