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    Congratulations # Major boost for India in terms of defense technology.

    According to US secretary of commerce, Wilbur Ross at the Indo-Pacific Business Forum, "We have granted to India, a Strategic Trade Authorization status STA-1 that's (a) very important status under our export control regime and acknowledges US-India security and economic relationship."

    The implications of the above will reduce the number of licenses needed for US exports to India, means India can get easy access to the latest of the defense technologies. As per the report, the new status would provide India with "greater supply chain efficiency in terms of both for defense & for other high-tech products". In addition, "It will also help India in upgrading its defense requirement and also helps India in building a very strong defense ecosystem."

    Yet another major strategic overseas achievement for India.
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    I think now this will change the perspotion of other countries about India. This is a real achievement of the present government in its foreign policy. The PM and external affairs minister need to be congratulated. All these days our country is having an image that we are near to Russia in defence issues. But now that will go and a new era will start. The export import in defence relation with US will give us more options to select the needs for strengthening our defence division. Let us wait and see how we are going to utilise the new status accepted by US to give us for our benefit. US is definitely way ahead than many other countries in having green defence systems to safe guard the interest of the country. So it will definitely open up a new way for India to get these technologies for making in our country in Make in India programme with US partnership.
    always confident

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    Wow very good news shared by the author which would enhance the pride and prestige of the country as India has most the ingenuously built Defence Installations which can prepare nuclear war heads to the Army tanks of greater quality. And Indian expertise would now be used by the America people for varied purpose in defence. Either too America was depending on Israel for various defense parts and now India can do the favor and mitigate the shortage of defense equipment for US and its allies. All this could be possible because of good relations and frequent interaction our Prime Minister Modi is having with US President Donald Trump. For the coming Republic day, Trump has agreed to be the chief guest this approval by US of STA-1 status would enable us to display the most advanced defense systems at the parade.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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