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    Why we have named it as "MOUSE".

    Today I got one query from one of my friend asking about why we call the small electronic gadget attached with the PC which controls the movement of cursor, we call it "MOUSE". From keyboard to the CPU or with the Monitor, we aware of the functions & so have been awarded with the respective names but why "MOUSE".

    Is there any intesting story behind this?
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    Mr Ved Prakash Anand I got to know your query what I think is,it look like Mouse means Rat so may be the producer kept the name mouse. To be honest I don't know much about it but I will definitely try to get information about it and let you know. Because when I am not confident about my answer I will don't tell anything.
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    I don't think mouse is an acronym but it would be interesting if it were. I checked for it on internet and only some come up with a full form "manually operated user-select device".
    But such name doesn't even justify what mouse does. Moreover mouse have pretty ancient origins, staying right from the second generation computers. Mouse cannot have been a user-select device if not for the advanced application and system software that came afterwards.

    What would you select in an operating system that used prompts? So mouse could not have been "manually operated user-select device".

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    Well there may be technical name for the gadget as Mouse, what I feel that the looks also resembles like a mouse sitting pretty beside the key board and with a tail ie the wire.
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    MOUSE is the abbreviation of "manually operated user-select device". This word I got from my son who is a computer professional. I asked him after he came from his office and I am giving that full form here. All the components and parts of a computer will have short names like this which we use normally. But the full forms are not well known to many. But the people who are in the field will know this. So I am thinking what my son told me is correct. Knowledgeable persons can correct if I am wrong.

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    The computer mouse was invented by Mr. Douglas Engelbart sometime during 1963-64. At that time it was known as 'X-Y Position Indicator' and later the term Mouse was used maybe because it looked like a mouse with a tail.

    I have searched few websites and found when it was asked to the inventor about the name 'Mouse', he couldn't remember who gave the name. It is also stated there, that the name 'Mouse' was not mentioned in Mr. Engelbart's patent for the computer pointing device.


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