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    It is not easy to be accepted as a good actor.

    Everybody has some skills not only in education or knowledge but also in other fields like acting etc. In this world, nothing is easy to get. We have to put in hard work, dedication and must be determined towards attaining what we want to accomplish. Becoming a successful actor is not an easy task. They would have gone through many hurdles to establish themselves as good actors. Acting is a skill and one need to hone those skills to be accepted as a good actor whether you are doing character roles or action-oriented roles or comic roles or for that matter any role.

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    It is very true that there is a lot of hard work, efforts and sincere dedication for learning acting and allied arts if one wants to be successful in that line.

    It is true for any creative line. Let us remember that we are not alone in this arena, there are thousands of people yearning to become successful in various fields and want to excel in that particular field better than others. Due to this huge competition, very few are able to reach the top. It is like a pyramid. Only a few can sit on the top. All others will be on the slopes.

    So the fact is, it is hard to reach there but it is also a fact that the human capabilities and capacities have no boundaries. One can extend them to the end of the universe. So there is no substitute of hard work and we have to pursue the goals persistently.

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    Yes a true acting is very honorable because true acting is considered as the genuine acting where the normal people who don't know acting they feel that it is very easy to be but it's not true they don't how much dedication, determination we have to for making a good movies or something.
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    Yes it is the that not all actors would be called as real actors as they fail to live up to the expectations of the audience and also fail to portray the character. For example, if a actor was given the task of acting as Lord Ram. then he should go through the details of history and also other information, which may give the actor some leads and then come with right emotion to give the character the perfect meaning. That is the reason being so, Telugu actor NTR was greatly recognized for his historical and religious characters like Lord Ram, Kings and many more. Because he live in the character and emote.
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    Dedication, hard work and determination are always important for any individual to be successful in life and attain a good position. without these qualities, no one can shine in their profession. It is not only related to acting but also in almost all the fields. Even in the career, one can't climb the ladder without hard work and the other two qualities.
    There are some actors who devoted their lives to acting and get many awards and rewards in their lives. Akkineni Nageswara Rao and Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR) are two such personalities in Telugu film industry who acted in the films and make a place reserved for them in the history of Telugu film industry. How they achieved that? People say by their dedication to work, hard work and commitment made them go to those levels. The younger generation should take them as their role models and try to achieve those heights.

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