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    Father is the House of Branch

    Father is also very important as Like Mother is for their Children. A child both of the Parents in their life without them it is very difficult to survive in this world. A Good Father is the everything for their child. Especially for a Daughter,father is the Super Hero for her No Body Could Play the better Role then Father even not Hero.A daughter thinks that her father is her hero.A Super Man who Can Save her in every situation Who can give better Protection and who can Co-ordinate With her who make a stand for her Who Fulfill their daughter Wishes.For a Father his Daughter like a Princess for him whether how could she be. Doesn't matter at all. My words are too Small to Express the Relationship Between the Father and Daughter. Even in our Religion the better Example is our Mercy prophet Mohammed Sallahallahualaihiwassalam Who Create the Example of Father And Daughter Relationship even when we was not at all giving respect to our daughter and we were killing them at that time our Mercy Creates the Relationship Between the Father and Mother our Mercy loved her daughter BiBi Fatima Very Much on that time.he did not get tire of calling her name.he loved her so much. I cannot express in my words that how much our Mercy loved her daughter BiBi Fatima. Not only he loved for her but even their children he loved too like how he loved to Fatima. I heartly Written by me heart. I totally loved our Mercy.
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    Leave aside the religious importance about the narration of the father, what I feel that a father is the silent person in the family who does all the planning and yet the credit goes to the mother for nurturing a good child. Even when a child progress and blessed with good character like respecting elders, doing all the house hold work, learning cooking, serving the guest and even washing the clothes, participating briskly in festive preparations for all this a daughter contribution and progress is credited to the mother and father has no mention at all. But he is the back bone and not the branch of the family.
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    Father is also equally important as the mother of a child. Either it is a boy or a daughter both will be brought up equally by their father. A mother brings up the child and father cooperates with the mother in that process. That is why our Puranas say " Matru Devo Bhava" then: Pitru Devo Bhava". The third place goes to the teacher "Acharya Devo Bhava". Then comes the fourth place which goes to the Guest "Atithi Devo Bhava". In one person's life, parents should be respected first. Then the others. Even when we celebrate some functions or Pujas in our house it is the custom to offer our salutations to the parents and then start the Puja or Function.
    But many people say that a girl child will have more attraction towards father and he is the hero for her in all respects. When she wanted to marry a boy also she will just compare the qualities of the boy with her father and then decide to go ahead or not.
    But either it is a boy or girl they should respect and honour their parents and bring happiness to them by getting a good name and fame in the society.

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    I mean to say that I will not allow you to say anything about my religion.
    By Determination one can Accomplish anything

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    Syeda, Mohan was not referring to any religion in particular. He was just expressing his views keeping the religious angle away. You may please read the guidelines to be followed while posting responses to avoid any misunderstanding.

    Members are requested to continue with the main thread.

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