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    How about private prisons in India?

    The condition of jails in India is too poor. There is dearth of fresh air and natural lights due to which VVIPs turned offenders find it hard to return to the country. Vijay Mallya's defense lawyers argued on this issue in a UK court, hearing his extradition case. It is true, that prisons are not maintained properly, maybe because only criminals stay there. Most of the prisons are overcrowded and funds are not given adequately for its maintenance.

    I think it's high time for the government to act on this issue, because more of the likes of Vijay Mallya need to return to the country to face trial and the issue of poor and unhygienic conditions of Indian prisons will be highlighted in all of those extradition cases. It will be highlighted even by our own politicians facing trials, in different criminal cases. It's evident from previous criminal cases against ministers and high profile persons that there are different comfort levels in prisons for common man and VVIPs. How about private prisons like the ones in the Europe and the USA? It will be a good business opportunity too.
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    The politicians and VVIPs will get separate rooms and separate food and all 5-star facilities in jails also. We need not worry about them. We have to worry about normal prisoners. They will be suffering a lot. When we are providing five-star facility to the so-called VVIPs that too with our hard earned money paid to the government as taxes why not at least a reasonable facility to other normal prisoners. So the conditions of the jails that are being used by normal prisoners to be improved.
    What I think is the Government Prisons maintenance can be given to a private company under GOCO concept. Now in all government departments, this GOCO concept is there. The full form of GOCO is Government Owned Company Operated. As security is very important that can't be outsourced to private security companies. So maintenance can be offloaded to private companies.

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    There are Many people whose standard of living is not up-to the mark they can't do anything.i don't why in this world the rich people is treated as good.and whereas normal people nobody will care jail also it's totally changing the rules, because prison is for those people who did crimes and to make them punished they set the rules but in our country its totally different.
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    After reading this post, I got laughter which could not be stopped for a while. I feel pity and ignorance level of Industrialist Vijay Mallaya who was habituated to silver spoon life and now fearing about third degree life in India prisons. Yes prison life is horrible and that cannot be mentioned or seen. Those who gone through that experience wows that they wont commit any mistake in future and mend their ways of behavior. By the way why the prisons should be privatized or having private prison ? The main aim of a person sending to jail is to repent for the mistakes or the crimes he has done willfully or by mistake. So he must be seen with the group of those crooked fellows in the same jail so that he must get that transformation in his mind. Otherwise if private prisons are maintained, Vijay Mallaya would plan other ways to earn money as he would have comforts inside. So I am against the the proposal from the author.
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