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    Why Dr. Manmohan Singh always remained silent on the mistakes of the Gandhi family?

    Does our previous Prime Minister has got with some secrets with the Congress party & at the same time being confidential too? I am referring to Dr. Manmohan Singh, who never misses a chance in order to criticize the NDA policies but at the same time remained silent for the President & the Vice-President of the Congress party, which is the Rahul Gandhi & the Sonia Gandhi being facing the corruption charges & currently out on bail. For sure that he doesn't carried away with the possibilities of another term as the future Prime Minister of India but then what could be the other reasons which still keeps this person loyal to the Congress party. For me, Dr. Singh, never had any importance even within their party members & had his number always after the Gandhi family & most probably he always knew of this fact & he is not that much immature of not having an understanding onto this.

    What do the readers have to say in context to this?
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    First of all he is not a politician at all to speak all rubbish and give counters to others. He is the ardent Congress supporter and would continue as the same. By virtue of his strong support base, he is the close confident of the Party President Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. He knows the secrecy of government working pattern and keeps giving feed to Rahul Gandhi time and again. And about his silence on corruption charges, it is obvious that at least one person remain corruption free so that 130 year old party can be kept alive and keep going, otherwise the entire shop of Congress will be shut.
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    But how can he be the corruption free man when he is not going against it? But instead keep on criticizing the PM Modi for his policies & for the outcomes. Why so biased?

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    Dr Manmohan Singh is a finance expert who worked under the able guidance of Sri. P V Narasimha Rao when he was the prime minister and Manmohan Singh was the finance minister. During their combination, only the reforms started taking place and India has become a land for IT industries and middle-class people survived in India. By nature, he talks very less.
    When Sonia Gandhi was not able to become PM because of the reasons which are known to all, she wanted a person who will be there and hear whatever she says. That is why Mr. Singh has been asked to sit in the chair of PM. Mr Singh is a loyal person and he will not talk anything against his party or party members as long as he is in the party. At the same time, he is not a politician who wants to go to unethical practices of changing the parties. We don't know what is happening in the inside party meetings and they will not come out. A loyal party member will never talk against his party and party members in public.

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    Leave alone Dr Manmohan Singh, do we have any instance where political leaders have criticised their leadership or their actions? It happens only when there is dissidence and one decides to fall out from a party (most of the time for his own betterment). There may be internal discussions and criticisms but such issues are most of the time never made public. Dr Singh is always known to be a man of few words but we cannot say whether he had expressed his opinion during the party meets or to Sonia Gandhi personally.
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