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    Feeling when your article was first seen in print form.

    Most of us have started to write something very early, perhaps when we were school going students. We might have written a small story, or an articarticle, or poem, etc. Might be the same was sent to a magazine or weekly, hoping to get it published. After some trials one success might have come on your way. How did you feel then? Did you take the magazine to your parents to show this or to your friends or teachers?
    In my case it was a very short story that was first published. It was in a weekly. That weekly had a children's section covering two pages.In that section only matters sent by children will only be published. Mine was a short story. I was so happy to see the printed from of my writing. I was a student of eighth standard. I took the magazine to my parents and brothers and sister. All were happy.
    Almost a similar incident occurred when my first scientific research paper got published in an Indian research journal. Of course I showed the published matter to my colleagues only, not my parents.
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    Congrats for your article got published in a children section of a magazine when you are young and also your scientific research paper in the later stage of life. Yes it is the matter of great pride to read our name in printed form as every one may not get the chance to do so. If your article got published in printed form means , that it self indicate about its rich in quality, awareness, education aspect and above the need for publishing such article. I think you should have continued to do even after and would have become famous writer. Nevertheless the satisfaction of having contributed something to the society itself a great thought.
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    One goes through a mixed range of feelings when we see a matter written by us in a printed form for the first time. I remember how excited and happy I felt when a question to the editor sent by me was published in a weekly. I must have been in class five or six then. I had goosebumps and ran to show my name to my parents.
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    My first Scientific article we published in an international Journal which is a very reputed Journal. It happened in the year 1980. I was so happy that my paper got accepted for publication in an international journal. I shared my joy with all my family members and some close friends. I have received very good reviews of that paper which made me feel very happy. Later on, during my research, some more papers were published in international and national journals. During my career also I have published many papers in various Journals. When I have presented a paper at a seminar in Japan the appreciations I got were very good. The organisers of the seminar and some panel members sent their appreciations about me to my the then Managing Director of the company.
    Coming to small stories and articles, my first article was published when I was in my Intermediate first year. The college was publishing every year college magazine in which the articles from students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff are being published. When I was in my first-year Intermediate I have written a small story and the same was got published in that magazine.

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    Actually to be honest I have no idea about article.but I heard much about it. And I have tried to write article in this site only but my articles are not publish yet.may be the editors Rejected. But I don't know, but to be honest I am very curious to write it now. I don't know much about it. But I know little. So I am gonna try. May be one day my article get publish.
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    Syeda Hena Taj: There is an article section in this ISC. Why don't you go through it. It will help you. There so many articles on different subjects. First you look into those articles dealing with the subjects in which you are interested. Take them as models and try to write your article in your own way.

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    The thrill of ones first publication is unforgettable. I had this when I was successful in getting my small contribution in the children's corner in a local paper. Then I got one children story published in a monthly magazine.

    Later I tried a few articles in national magazine but they were returned with a tag to improve them in one way or other.

    After joining my job I had many opportunities to write technical papers which were selected for the seminars or conferences.

    After my retirement I found that there are many sites in the internet where you can write blogs, can comment, give opinion, give answers, ask questions and contribute articles. It lead me to a technical site pertaining to my core area and I am participating there regularly. This also lead me to ISC and 'techulator' in both of whom I am quite actively participating.

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    I am not fortunate enough to write an article to get published in a print media. But I am very fortunate to see the articles written by my daughter and son appearing in a print media. They have published many articles of interest. I am proud of them.

    Once I wrote a letter to the editor of a Tamil daily about wearing of helmet on highways. It got published. I showed it to my daughter and son. I have written poems and jokes which got published in the publication of my organisation.

    Once my big boss name appeared in an article published in Readers Digest. He called me and showed it to me. He was very proud to see his name in Readers Digest. I could understand his feelings. It was only his name in someone's article in a reputed magazine Readers Digest.

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    I haven't been a writer ever and only recently have I started considering writing. Of course, everyone has written school essays as they were compulsory. But it was fun writing essays as English has always been my favorite subject.

    My first article here is the one I would consider as published. It was quite exciting to see my writing on the site. I did show it to my mummy.

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