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    Are we unoccupied by choice?

    There are many people who tell that they are feeling bored or do not know what to do to pass time. They will always be complaining one way or other about unavailability of jobs for them.

    At the same time if we assign some work to them they will on one pretext or other avoid it. They will also not show any interest in initiating a task.

    I feel such people are unoccupied by choice. What is your view?
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    Most of the people want the job the their choice. They feel that it is a defame for them if they accept what ever job it may come on their way. They want to do that job which was in dream and be sought. One of my friend boy who had good qualification and most talented is waiting for only government job and no other jobs. Though many companies gave him good offer, he is insisting for government job only and he already crossed 35. By this adamant attitude this boys spoiling his career, giving tension to the parents and also thwarting the marriage proposals of his sister who is qualified and doing job,
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    There are different types of people. Some people are workaholics. They will complete the work at the earliest and wait for another work to be assigned. But some people try to avoid work. But they will never say that. They feel as if no work is given to them. But they don't show interest in the work given. There are some people who want to work but they don't have the work of their interest as such they may not be showing interest in working. But some people really don't have any work to do.
    We will be coming across all these types of people. But the Managers has to see that they will extract work from the people working with him and should complete the work as per the given targets. Performing the work by ourselves is easy but to extract work from others will be a very difficult proposition. There more managerial skills are required than performing on our own.

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