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    Announcing Zero Tolerance Policy in ISC Forum

    Dear members,

    ISC has been a very active forum for more than a decade. Many of you have contributed to a great extent in the growth of ISC. And many of you became editors of ISC due to your affection towards the site. Many of you are brand ambassadors of ISC without carrying an Editor badge.

    I thank each one of you who have contributed towards the growth of ISC. Without you, ISC wouldn't have been what we are today. While many of our members left us and started their own portals seeing our success, we still remain a leading and active community.

    In the last few years, we have seen some unhealthy trends here. Some of the members have turned into anti-ISC members and they have been using our own platform to damage the healthy atmosphere. Considering the respect we have towards the members who made us what we are today, we have been tolerating a lot of trouble they made for us. More than spoiling our fun environment here, they have been causing our editors to lose their valuable time debating with them and figuring out the hidden agenda behind the double meaning statements.

    I have come to the conclusion that it is time to make a full stop here for such activities.

    Effective today, I am introducing a zero tolerance policy in the forum. If you can't align with our policies, you will be out of ISC. Period. There will be no questions answered. If you call it "dictatorship", call it so. If you call it "autocracy", let it be so. So, any aggressive attitude or offensive messages that do not go well with the smooth functioning of ISC will result in not just minus points but will be followed with the removal from the site, no matter how senior the member is.

    I request everyone who cannot align with us and maintain harmony to find other platforms to express their frustration.

    And I want to join hands with the loyal and friendly members of ISC for a harmonious community here. Let's work together to learn, earn and have fun.

    Let's focus on some productive discussions and topics that are not targeted (directly and indirectly) at individual members.
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    A welcome decision! It will ensure healthy atmosphere & knowledge-enriching discussions.
    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Great decision from the web master and it is the high time the site needs to be controlled with strict policies and great that Tony has initiated from today.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think it is a good indication to all members to abide by the terms and policies of the site. If the site is not controlled properly it may lose its reputation. As such all members, editors and all concerned should work within the framework as per the guidelines.
    always confident

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    A welcome decision Mr Tony. This is a positive step. I hope every member who love the channel will welcome this decision. Best wishes.

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    A good valid point, at times stringent rules are needed in the larger interests. We all are here by our free will and a lot of effort and work goes behind running an educational site like ISC. Now it is clear for the participants about the limits and penalty for crossing the limits.

    Could I request the administrators to add this Zero tolerance policy in the help section. This would be useful for new members too.

    (PS: The webmaster has mentioned that no negative or minus points only removal but the reply#643990 has minus 10.)

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    In any organisation or community, it is imperative that the members follow some decorum and adhere to discipline otherwise soon it will turn into a mess.

    The purpose of guidelines and policies is only to keep people within their limits. The intention is to streamline the things in the overall interest of the platform.

    No management will waste their valuable time in counselling and punishing it's members. The progress of the platform is necessary otherwise members will also lose this great opportunity of contributing their creative skills.

    It is because of the digital revolution and plethora of online platforms that we are getting good opportunity to publish our creative works otherwise in earlier times even to get one article published in national level magazines was a near impossible task.

    It is not only the duty of editors to keep the place cordial and friendly, the members are also supposed to do their bit.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Dear Natarajan,

    We may not add the Zero tolerance policy to the Help section since it is not required to mention such aggressive matters into the permanent records. The help section already defines the actions that could follow violations, even though it is in a bit mild language.

    Regarding minus points, what I actually meant is, the action will not be limited to minus points but the person will be removed from ISC, which is what happened in the above case.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thanks Mr.Tony John, Point accepted and appreciate the prompt reply.

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    It is good to see the positive responses from many members. The policy has come into force. All members should understand and continue within the framework of the ISC. I hope we can continue posting our doubts and clarifications if any as a thread and get the replies. Hope the forum section will now give a positive look and many members will start participating actively.
    always confident

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    Nice to see this initiative. It will help the staff to focus on things which are more important to this website.

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    I welcome this Zero Tolerance Policy (ZTP) of ISC.
    In fact, this policy should have been introduced, implemented and followed strictly since the time of birth of ISC. All these days, ISC was too liberal and gave ample freedom to its members like family members. Better late than never. Now ISC will be more fit and perfect with ZTP.

    Update @ Very pleased to note that your ZTP has been implemented and action taken from this thread itself.

    No life without Sun

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    Nice to know that we have active editors and timely resolutions to the pertinent matters at hand. The introduction of such policies will keep the members in check in a healthy way such that everyone recognizes the responsibility he/she has towards the forum along with enjoying the freedom to freely share his/her thoughts.

    Long way to go for us all.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    This should have been done earlier. But I welcome this decision.
    Life Is Beautiful

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    I also welcome this zero-tolerance policy which should be implemented long before. It will certainly create a good atmosphere to discuss any issue. All the members should also follow the policy for maintaining the good reputation of the site.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    I also welcome the zero tolerance policy and it should be done before when this site implemented.
    By Determination one can Accomplish anything

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    It is a Nice decision and the time to take such a great step and definitely need policies to controlled such matters

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    This is a great decision which is taken by Mr Tony the web master that these policies are very in need for our site i am very happy to see this and maintaining very clean and formal verbal comments are most important to keep the site in good condition and, it is not only the responsibility of editor we should also take part in this policy .

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    I am not very active in ISC but I know how important this ISC family is. Thus, it is very important to stop those who try to break the decorum of this site. This bold decision taken by our webmaster will help in maintaining a healthy environment among us.

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    Hi everyone, I really appreciate this very decision. Good for all. I know ISC very well, it's not just a helping hand side for students but for all of us, working and non-working guys. There should be harmony in the environment where we work. You are appreciated Mr.John!
    **Free as in speech NOT free as in beer.**

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    It is heartly welcome decision took by the web master. I think that it effects the members who are against the rules of ISC.

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    Mr. Charyulu,
    This policy doesn't affect the members who are against the rules of ISC, because there is no member at ISC who are against the rules of ISC. Each and every member is very sincere to themselves and they follow the rules of ISC very sincerely. Earlier, the members hands were not tied, but had freedom to write freely and frankly to express their thoughts, opinion and comments openly. Now the members hands have been tied up to write only what is acceptable to ISC. In general, it is a good policy which should have been introduced and implemented since the inception of ISC.

    No life without Sun

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    It's unfortunate that ISC finally had to announce Zero Tolerance Policy, as there was no other alternative left.

    People need to understand that denigration (with an Anti-ISC mindset) is not going to change anything. If someone really wants to bring a change ( a good one), he or she should put forth ideas for improvement, and that too in a courteous & friendly manner.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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