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    Save paper, save trees. Please don't print this e-mail unless it's really necessary.*

    For any of the mails this massage can be seen keeping us aware of the dangers if the greeneries being lost & the possible consequences of aftermath.

    I have two questions here. In the first place, what are the other ways in which the message can be formulated so as to make others aware of this & the second as to how far do you follow with this instruction in your life?

    I am hoping to have the innovative ways from the readers so as to keep up of the changing ideas & its impacts onto us.
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    Save paper - save trees is the great appeal to which every one as to adhere. But over the passage of time the usage of paper would be completely withdrawn as we could see a sea of change in the public and also from the government over less usage of paper. For example the banking sector has gone digital and slowly the withdraw form through which the people draw the amount is being replaced by swiping. So this is a great step forward to the less usage of paper. Like wise schools should also shun the note book culture and everything be taught through digital class room and that would be effective.
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    Paper is very precious as it requires trees to get made. So don't waste paper by printing the unimportant emails. This is the message it is conveying. I propose the following.
    Don't cut oxygen donors(Trees) for printing unnecessary emails. Save paper and save trees.
    These days we have stopped using paper for many uses. Generally, no records are kept physically. They will be on the computer and we will have a backup arrangement by keeping them on a hard disc.
    We will create Virtual files and keep the information in those files. All correspondence is by emails only and emails are not printed as much as possible.
    This is very seriously followed in our office as well as at my house also. Because of this, no pen is required and no writing is required. Only typing. So we are saving there also.
    But the main problem is we are forgetting the art of writing.

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    The message looks wonderful, that shows a concern towards the environment. We all know how many trees are cut to make papers which is directly affecting the atmosphere and increasing pollution everywhere.

    The message, the author mentioned in the thread is circulating for a long time and I think much before the arrival of smartphones in our country. At that time, we used to print reservation tickets, booked online, for carrying it with ourselves. Nowadays, on a smartphone you have the ticket and show it when required. You can carry all the messages with your phone and show it to places where necessary. Only when it comes to submission of documents for some confidential purpose, it is printed.

    For a change, my message goes like this: 'The trees are crying, don't waste papers. There are smart ways to carry e-mails too'.


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