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    World breast feeding week being observed from 1st to 7th Aug

    The importance of breastfeeding by the new mothers are going to be closely monitored. They would be given the classes about the importance of breastfeeding infants up to the age of one which can get rid of diseases and other ailments and safeguard the child from external immune problems. In Indian hospitals too, where children are born during this one week, the new mothers will be given counselling about the importance of breastfeeding. So through ISC also, this appeal holds good.
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    Breastfeeding is the best way of feeding the child until the child is one year of age. This will help the child to maintain good health and keeps the child away from the ailments. This is good that a week has been made as a week for this cause. The people who are not aware of the importance of the mother feeding will understand the advantages of this through this process. All over the world, it is observed and in our country also the process of counselling is taken up. A very nice information from the author.
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    A good thread by the author to create awareness among all. Breast milk is most nutritious for a child upto a certain period and helps to develop the immunity of a child. Mother and child both are benefited from breastfeeding. Studies have shown that breastfeeding reduces stress level of mothers to some extent and helps to reduce the risk factor of certain diseases. The mother of the baby needs special guidance about the importance of breastfeeding in absence of proper health and nutrition knowledge in the country and the week is celebrated to spread awareness keeping in mind this lacking.

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    Good attempt to educate the people on breast feeding and its importance to a child.Most of the people are unaware of its importance in fighting many diseases and providing a immunity till the growth of a person.

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    Breast feeding is supposed to be the best mode of feeding as far as the health of the child is considered. It is even believed to be beneficial for the mother also.

    This particular week will be a good thing for bringing awareness to all in this matter.

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    Breastfeeding is definitely required for the baby for its immunity boosting and nutritional properties. It also helps with the person's health if the child had mother's milk.

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