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    Kamala Hassan says that he made a mistake by joining the politics late. Any comment ?

    In a interview to a leading national television channel, The Makkal Maiyam President Kamala Hassan regretted that he made late entry into politics. This statement created lots of debates and talks across the internet. The main reason for political vacuum one could experience is the death of tall leader Jayalalithaa who was the guiding spirit and epitome of AIADMK , Likewise Karunanidhi was safeguarding the Interest of DMK. In the absense these two leaders at the helm. Kamal and Rajni have made a foray in to politics and this is the truth. What do you say ?
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    To some extent, I think it is true. Jayalalitha is no more and Karuna is not active. if the Kamal Hassan's party was established at least 2 years before. by this time, his party might have a good following in the voters. Same is the case with Rajani also. They might have entered at least one year before so that they might have a good cadre by this time. Now the elections are scheduled next year and they are still in the process of finalising the agenda of the party. They have not gone so far into the public. They don't even understand the mood of the public. They have not even contested in any single elections. So how they can enter into the big elections is the question.
    In that respect, Pavan has made some inroads into public by talking to them and conducting meetings. But he also not participated in any election. But he is a little ahead in AP than the other two in Tamilnadu. Anyhow there is nothing they can do now except trying hard to win the elections.

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    Joining politics and floating a party at 65 age or more may not be a good idea. Both Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth have to bear a lot of pressure at that age and that too they are coming at the same time which in turn will split the votes without giving any clear mandate. Today's politics is not similar to that of 70s and 80s. In Tamil Nadu, there are already two established parties. Today's media is also very much affiliated to either one of these two parties and they started attacking these two matinee idols even before they announced their parties. Established parties generally don't want a new party.
    Kamal Hassan could have come earlier but in Tamil Nadu politics, there seemed no vacancy in the past. But today, we can see some vacancy for a new party. Vacancy here means opportunity to win in elections.
    Similarly, in Andhra Pradesh, there seemed no vacancy when Chiranjeevi entered into politics, but now we can see some vacancy for a third party.

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    Kamala Hassan seems to have lost of the way with more or less confused of his next step. If we remember than he started his campaigning by abusing the Hindutva concept for getting the initial publicity. So far he is not impressive & he is going to have any positive outcome because he believe in cheap politics & in this hi-tech world wherein the information is easily available, performance matter & he is deprived of such performances.

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    If we look at the history of Tamilnadu's political scene, it has been either A(AIADMK) or B(DMK). Both had legendary leaders whose vacuum would be difficult to be filled. DMK at least has a leader in the form of Mr.Stalin who has been quite active for the last few years. In AIADMK, even that grooming was not done.

    The best chance for Mr.Kamal or Mr.Rajini would have been to have joined either of the leaders or A or B a few years ago, get a plum ministerial birth, get the hang of the real politics and then by now, they would have been able to break away and win on their own in 2019.

    So, in this sense what Mr.Kamal feels sounds right, he is too late. I foresee a success if both actors join hands politically or join one of the two major parties.

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    Presently there is a dearth of stalwarts in the political scenario of Tamil Nadu. In the absence of a national party in the state, regional parties rule the roost. They have their own agenda and it is always difficult for a newcomer to find a place in the minds of people.

    DMK and AIADMK are the main contenders in TN elections and every time either of these two wins to rule the state. In this situation Kamal and Rajni came into the picture with much expectations since they have a large fan following. At present there is a leadership crisis in AIADMK , which may help them to garner a few votes in the coming elections , but it will definitely take a long time to establish themselves as an alternative force.


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    It would have been a tremendous start for Kammal Hassan if he had entered politics if Tamil Nadu 2-3 years before.Since both the strong leaders from Tamil Nadu,Jayalalitha and Karrunanidhi were partially politically inactive.Politics has become a career than serving society in a connecting manner.

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    To win over the DMK and AIADMK, Kamal and Rajni should ally and form one party. They should not have egoistic problems. The senior among the two should be the party chief. Moreover, all the cine heroes desiring to join politics should come under one umbrella. Vijaykanth (DMDK), Sarat Kumar (SMK) Vijay etc. should merge together with Kamal and Rajni to come to power. But who will tell these egoistic heroes who wish to become CM of Tamilnadu on their own. They are enemy to each other. Hence we can see DMK or AIADMK continue to have their vote banks higher than the independent cine heroes.
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