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    Friend in need is a friend indeed

    This poem is the joint first prize winner of the 2018 Friendship day poem contest.

    It is said that a true friend is hard to find
    But this is what was bothering my mind
    As I had many true looking friends each of their own kind
    I wondered, am I so blessed, or was I blind?

    Out of so many friends, who is the prime
    Life will test them all and give the answer with the journey into time
    As to whether all the relations will keep ringing like a windchime
    Or some of them will turn as sour as lime.

    When the life carried me up and then pushed me down
    All my friends encircled me when I was king with a crown
    But I found only a few of them around when difficulties made me drown
    Then, I got my answer and digested this bitter reality with a frown.

    It's not the quantity but the quality of friends you make which does matter
    Wicked and false friends will always flatter
    But at your back, they will give you a batter
    While a true friend will always make your joy grow fatter.

    Friendship is a wonderful relationship, everyone should sow its seed
    But it should grow into a beautiful plant, not a bad weed
    A true friend should always be with you and help you during need
    After all "Friend in need is a friend indeed".

    Entry for Best new 2018 Friendship Day poems – write one, win a prize!
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    What a wonderful poem. The name of the poem is a proverb and the narration is so real. Each and every line is beautifully described. It's a rare talent to describe any hard reality of life in a lucid way. This poem will make it's own place in the chart.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Yes the famous saying about the friend has been narrated in a poetic form and it is the fact that those who does not have good friends around they are deprived of great interaction.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice poem. Conveys the true meaning of friendship. There is a saying that frogs will be there in the pond when there is water. Otherwise, they go in search of another pond. Similarly, people will be around you when your purse is heavy. They may call you a friend. But the person, who stands for you and by the side of you when you are in difficulties and when you need him, is the real friend,
    always confident

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