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(This thread is the winner of Topic based month end TOW contest for the month Jul'18 on topic -Shadow )
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    Shadow of the light- Times of our lives.

    "Ouch! Ouch", comes a mouse hurling itself to the shade of a tree to escape the horrid heat. "It is raining fire and brimstone today", the mouse commented,"thank you my sweet friend. If not for your cosy shadow, critters like me would be dried up by now". The tree smiled and engaged its guest with a conversation. "You look merry in this blistering heat. You get all the food you need from Sun after all. You can cool yourself pumping water inside too", mouse told to the tree. "That's not true", the tree argued,"too much food is always a danger. But I always admire light. Want to know why?"
    The curious mouse nodded.
    The tree began: Light is the fastest object in the universe. It is the product of fusion of elements in the furnace-like cores of stars. But this energy, takes thousands of years to travel just from the core to the surface of the Sun. From then the journey is easy and with a sweeping 186000 miles/second speed light reaches the Earth by eight minutes after its departure. I welcome such a tired traveller with open branches and hungry leaves.

    The mouse watched agape. "Wow light sure is amazing. But the hotness which it brings with itself is what bothers me." The tree replied,"Oh one more thing. Shadows. Light gets obstructed by opaque objects and a shadow is created. A shadow like the one you're resting upon. A certain animal called human makes use of this shadow very nicely. These animals seem to give a huge importance to time. So they made something called a sun-dial. Light falls onto a stick, creating a shadow over the dial. This is supposed to tell them the time."

    "This fact I know",said the mouse,"the house from which I used to feed had a huge sun-dial. It's amazing right. To learn the time with the shadow of the light?"
    The tree replied," It certainly is. But I'm glad I don't have to time my life. I live for hundreds or thousands of years". This sentence put the mouse in an existential crisis. The mouse knew it would only live for the next few months. For the first time in its life the mouse understood the value of time. "I need to go" it said in a low tone and scurried off. The tree understood that it had said something it shouldn't have. "I will live long, but alone. I cannot even move from this place to comfort that mouse. Looks like we all are born with curses", the tree lamented.

    (This is my TOW entry).
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    From this write up, it is amply proved that given the topic, there is no dearth for talent at ISC where in members come with different thinking process. And this mouse and tree story is fantastic.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It's superb, a wonderful combination of scientific observation from the point of view of two lives. One animal and another tree. A perfect combination of light and shadow.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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