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    Why is the electronic media being misused in this fashion?

    The You tube is the most powerful medium of news these days. There are hundreds of good videos on health, preventive aspects of health through herbal and natural remedies, care of elders and so on. In fact, the you tube videos are so helpful in guiding housewives to cook properly.

    Be that as it may, it is shocking to note that the same You tube has been misused in such a brazen fashion to spread all falsehood about Dr Kalaignar's health condition. At least six videos in circulation, suggested that he is no more. This was seen to be the handwork of some heartless characters in the ruling party. Only one has been arrested so far.

    Sensitive news like this can destroy peace. It can lead to very unfortunate circumstances. The question is: can the You Tune authorities take action and delete such harmful videos? The hospital management had to release videos to prove that the DMK leader is very much alive.

    How do we stop this menace?
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    The fake news spreading is high these days. This is due to social media where there is no control over the postings by the members. Many people post whatever they like, The same is the case with Youtube also. No one edits or verifies the posted video before they go for circulation. The authorities of the channel should find out the culprits who are posting the news like this and inform to law enforcing agencies so that action can be taken on the culprits. Sometimes this type of fake news and videos will create big law and order problem and people will suffer unnecessarily. So the people responsible for this should understand the seriousness of the issue and stop posting such unwanted videos and news. The police should take exemplary action on the culprits arrested so that another person will not do such acts. This will improve the situation and such fake news and videos will not be published on social channels.
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    Do you think the electronic media 'only' being misused?

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    Sensationalism and fake news are the order of the day. We all have to apply our minds before we choose to be swayed away by such fake news.
    We live in an era of information overload but we need to select what we need and what to discard.

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    Most of the electronic media feels that they are the custodian of freedom of writing and showing such news which has the apprehension of doubts and yet they quantify and make reason that they are in true position to show such news. In case of Karunanidhi, the government does not want to create a situation like that of Jayalalithaa and hence the family members were the spokesperson every time a development taken place in the health of Kalaignar. But some channels and news papers even gone to the worst reporting and then apologize. Nevertheless we are compelled to watch the news from electronic media but the conclusion about each news should be decided by us only and views need not be forced. This is the high time electronic media are tamed and must be ordered to report right and factual news, instead of faking.
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    There are some mischievous and anti social elements who are using the electronic media in a negative and rumour spreading ways. These people have their mean and vested interests in doing such wretched acts.

    They know that by doing this their rumours will spread fast and their ulterior motives will be done.

    Knowledge is power.

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