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    Reservation should be on the basis of financial situation or family inherited?

    India is independent now since 71 years and going to celebrate 72nd Independence day on coming 15th August. Now we have rich and poor in all casts and religions. There are many cast now protesting for reservation in states because those cast don't get easily growth. Cast based society itself is debate. But do you think reservation should be on the basis of financial situation or family inherited?
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    This remained as an evergreen & the hot topic for debates & so in the mean time I would like to refer the following link in succession to the current discussion,

    The Indian Reservation System? What It is?

    I agree with the author that the reservation should be allowed to the weaker sections of the society considering the financial wellbeing of the individuals & to the neediest of the sections of society like the physically handicapped.

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    This topic has been discussed many times not only in ISC but on many other platforms also. This is the biggest problem presently the country is facing and there is no answer for this. As long as vote politics is in place no government can do anything. If some government tries to amend this immediately the opposition parties will take the advantage and tries to get votes in the elections and try to come to power. That is why no government will try to make any change in the present system. Instead of decreasing caste and religion based reservations some state governments are trying to increase the reservations to some more religions and castes also.
    As a common man, I always feel financial status based reservations should be the order of the day. In fact, no reservations but financial help to people who are not able to manage their studies is what more justified. In jobs, there should not be any reservations and merit people only should get the jobs irrespective of their caste and religion.

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    As mentioned above there will not be solution to the problem of reservation. It was begun with the intention of providing opportunities for the weaker sections of the Society to improve their status. It included both socially and economically backward sections. However, even after completing 70 years of independence the problem still remain unsolved. Perhaps, no sincere interest is there for any government to solve it.

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    There should not be any reservation on the basis of caste, creed and relgion. The reservation system is creating a lot of conflict in the society and is responsible for bringing new agitations and hooliganism from the different quarters of the society.

    What the Govt can do is help the downtrodden and poor people in some discreet way like exempting their school and college fee. Helping them to attend job interviews etc. These helps should not be on a regular basis but should be based on the present financial status of the person. If a poor person is selected for a good job, there is no point in supporting him further.

    This requires a thorough overhauling of the present system and for this a strict and stringent governance is also required.

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    But who will bell the cat? The loss of votes will make every political party to shy away from a bold thought to curb the reservation system. The scenario would continue and the generation next will continue to discuss the same topic even in 2047, I am sure.

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    The problem is that this doesn't seem possible in the near future as other sections of society are also coming up asking for the reservation for their community as well. We are moving around vote bank politics with the Congress & other local parties unable to ignored of their vote bank & so keep raising this topics again & again. Anyhow if the majority are gaining towards reservation less society then this is a positive sign for achieving this task sooner or later.

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    It should be on the basis of financial situation only. Actually, if you see the other relief programs, they are on that basis only.

    But problem is almost all such schemes are being availed by people who actually do not need it.

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