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    Some queries regarding this platform.

    How can I start answering questions to earn money?
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    You are welcome on this site. There is a section called Ask Experts. If you open that page you will find some questions asked by various people. You can click on the question, the page of that question will open. You will get the details of the question. If you know the answer to that question you can reply. Your answer will be evaluated by the Editor concerned and if it is acceptable he will accept and allot points and cash credits as per the quality and suitability of your answer. This is the way you can earn money by answering questions on this site.
    You can write articles and the articles will be edited by editors and if found fit they will accept the article with points and CC. Sometimes forum section replies also will be given CC if they are exemplary. To know completely about the methods of earning on this site you can go through the help topics.

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    Welcome to this site. Please go through this threads before getting your doubts clarified:
    1. Sectionwise FAQs
    2. Post content and make money from ISC

    Also the Help topics would give complete picture about ISC


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    You earn in two ways:

    1) You are paid some cash for answers you add depending on quality.

    2) You will earn Adsense revenue on it .

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    Welcome and it is very true that you can earn money in Ask Expert section, but this being a big platform, there are many sections where this opportunity is there.

    Sections like articles, job posting, school submission, information update, comments on articles, question paper submission, forum participation, contests etc are the places where opportunity for earning exists.

    So you can contribute as per your interest and aptitude in the relevant sections.

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    While the main aim of this site is to create a knowledge hub for the students to learn different things and have exposure to group discussions, thread of the week topic writing , creative writing on any matter or issue, there is every chance of earning money through good forum post, winning the thread of the week, answering aptly to the questions raised in the forum and also in ask experts section and above all one can earn by creating and submitting articles on any matter and thus earning spree would continue for the creative thoughts. Apart from that those who stands in top 20 list every month, the site would distribute the revenue share bonus on pro rata basis. Therefore without giving more thought this issue, start writing and create a niche for yourself. And over the passage of time you are also eligible for ad sense earnings.
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    Money making at ISC is easy, but not huge money, only pocket money. There are sections which provides sure cash for your efforts. One is the Article section which gets definite CC(Cash credit) for your good efforts. Another is the Job section for which you need to put in your best efforts to earn CC. The Ask expert section & Forum section might provide you Cash on selective basis, if your question or answer is valuable. The Cash awarded would be from Rs. 1 to 50.

    Further, your points earned too get awarded with cash in the form of Bonus. In a month, if your points earned by you is more to stand in the queue of top 20 members, you will be awarded cash on pro rata basis.

    Also, you can participate in contests organised by ISC and win the prizes ranging from Rs. 1 to Rs.250.

    You can also earn cash, if you perform/contribute/behave well at ISC. Special Cash Awards will pour on you.

    Also, you have the chances to earn google Adsense revenue share for your contribution to ISC.

    Wish you all the best, Mr. Sahil

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