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    An Indian born young Mathematician gets 'Fields Medal'.

    The 'Fields Medal', the highest honour in Mathematics is announced once in four years, has been announced and among the four selected mathematicians one is an Indian born, living in Australia.
    Only young Mathematicians, below 40 years, are considered for this award. This award is considered as equivalent to Nobel Prize. (There is no Nobel Prize for Mathematics).The four mathematicians who have been chosen for the Medal this year are Caucher Birkar (Iran), Alessio Figalli (Italy), Peter Scholze (Getmany) and Akshay Venkitesh (Australia). Of these Venkitesh has an Indian origin, though now he is in Australia.
    Akshay has already proven his abilities in Maths. In 1993, at the age of 11, he received Bronze medal in Physics Olympiad which made him known. Next year he repeated the same in Maths International Olympiad too. Next year he joined degree class at the age of 13, the youngest ever student of the University of Western Australia. In later years 'Ramanujan Science Medal' and 'Infosys Medal' also went to him.
    Now he is among the four mathematicians got recognised by awarding the Fields Medal, which is recognised as the Nobel Prize in Mathematics (Mathematics is not considered for Nobel Prize). Fields Medal is given only once in four years, honouring four Mathematicians awarding the medals.
    Akshay Venkitesh is presently working as a Professor in Maths at Stanford University, United States.
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    It is good that a person of Indian origin got Field Medal for this year. But unfortunately he was considered as an Australian as he studied there and I think he is an Australian Citizen now. This is what happens in our country. People who are having good brains and do the best job are getting out of the country and settling somewhere. I remember an Indian Origin American telling in an interview after getting a prestigious award that he got that award only as he moved out of India. He also stated that if he might have continued in India he might not have delivered the same quality of work. Is it not a point of concern? The government and the others concerned should think of this and see those good people will not leave the country.
    Congratulations to Akshay Venkitesh and thanks to the author for sharing the information.

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    Congrats to Field Medal winner Akshay Venkitesh who is the Indian born Australian citizen who won the highest honor in Mathematics and that brings great pride to our country. Normally maths is considered a boring subject for many and getting honored through this subject is something not possible to every one. Now that he won the award, the government should call him back and work with Indian mathematician so that further progress and research in the subject can be achieved. We should not leave such talented people living outside our country and hope Modi government shall do something on this.
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    Prof. Akshay Venkitesh left India in a very early age, not even completed three years. He was just born here, that is all.

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    Congratulations Akshay Venkatesh! You have made us proud. You may have lived and pursued your education in Australia but the fact that you have an Indian origin makes all the difference. After all, you are from the land of the all-time great Sri Ramanujan. All the best!
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    The author has shared a wonderful information in this thread through which I am congratulating Akshay Venkitesh for winning the Fields Medal. His academic excellence since 11 years of age shows that he is a born genius and thus among the few selected for the highest honour in Mathematics.

    Sometimes I feel amazed because there are so many genius of Indian origin getting recognition worldwide, but the condition of our country remains same. There is a lack of infrastructure for which all the bright stars from eminent institutes of our country are going outside and doing wonders in their respective field. Maybe, we lack the will to develop in every sphere, but we live on hopes and I think a time will come when there will be many Indians among the list for highest honours throughout the world.


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