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    Online gaming may lead to depression. A warning and a cause of worry.

    Addiction to gaming is classified as a medical disorder, to be treated officially on NHS, by the World Health Organization last month. Recent studies have found a link between video game addiction and depression in children. The more addicted the children are to online games, the more they become prone to depression in the later stages of life. Earlier, when the addiction to different types of video games among children was noticed, it was found that children playing non-stop video games suffer from Deep Vein Thrombosis, which may turn fatal. The recent study about the link between depression and gaming is more alarming since the World Health Organization has predicted that by 2020 depression will be the second most leading cause of any disease throughout the world. There is a stigma associated to any disorder related to addiction and only about one third of the cases get medical attention. This has compounded the number of patients of depression throughout the world and hence the prediction.

    Through ISC, I am requesting all the guardians/ relatives of the children addicted to any type of online games to seek necessary help rather than providing an excuse by saying it's because of the misuse of the smart devices or laptops.
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    yes your are right about this but if you know that these games are made for adult who goes for a job as these game can help them to remove their stress

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    In fact children should not be exposed to mobiles and computers, which are potential enough to provide free access to various games which brings more stress for the lesser mind, In the guise of solving the problem in the game, the children think hard and thus when once get failed, they get depressed. For example the computer game called "Crisis three" which tempts the player to such extent with arresting graphics, some times the children may get goose bumps and tempts to play that game again and again and thus when denied the chance they behave eccentrically with the parents and wont cooperate,
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    The addiction to online gaming is really going to cause depression. I have seen one or two live examples for such problems. I know a girl who plays the games and spends time till 2 AM or 3 AM without sleeping. She will get up only at 12 noon. She will miss the college and she can't face examinations and she is suffering from depression. She was under treatment but she wasted one year without going to college. The medicines are also not responding fast and the doctor says that unless otherwise, the patient cooperates it is difficult. She will not use medicines regularly.
    Like this, there may be many cases. Unnecessarily these people are losing time and become diseased also. They don't understand the severity of the problem.
    The parents should be very careful with infants and see that they will not get addicted to these online games and waste their lives without any purpose and aim.

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    Online games are addictive and doing a lot of harm to the children. They are not able to concentrate in their studies and this is going to be detrimental to their academic growth.

    It is high time that the parents should restrict their children for these activities and guide them to their studies and outdoor games and activities.

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    With the advancement in technology and associated modernisation, there are some downsides also and online gaming and other online addictions are the consequences now this generation is facing.

    Playing and games are supposed to be good for the development of the children but not when they become a sort of addiction and affect their life and make them miserable in all the aspects. The intensity and the ferocity of these online games is a matter of great concern not only for the parents but also the doctors and psychiatrists who are often consulted by the parents to treat their siblings.

    How to overcome this situation is a burning question for all of us and only stringent and disciplinary measures can help to some extent.

    Knowledge is power.

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