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    Are the local political parties having with the growing significance or their existence is at stake?

    If we take a note than any of the political parties or even being in the alliance partnerships, unable to take the bold decisions & this very fact has kept our nation on the back foot. We can be evident of these with the lack of consistencies while creating & implementing with the policies by the current as well as from various past governments. This has been possible due to the lack of required number of seats in either of the Houses of Lok Sabha & the Rajya Sabha. The record says that in either of the Houses, we got the political parties having with the single seat but able to create nuisances by moving to the either sides as per their comfort zones.

    Don't you feel that the in future the existence of those political parties at local level, would be at stake & while finding it's difficult for their survival? This is because the national level political parties are gaining more significance then the local parties.
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    I blame the national party Congress for creating this situation. Many regional parties were formed because of deceiving nature from Congress in one matter or the other and thus they started own party. For example vexed over incompetence of Congress NTR started TDP party and become successful in just 9 months and from then there is no going back. Now TDP has become most sought after party in South. Likewise in many states the regional parties were formed because the local aspirations and demands were not met by national party like BJP and Congress. By the way there is no dearth for the votes for local parties. In fact the voters want to choose the regional party for the state and either Congress or BJP at the center. This kind of voting pattern would be seen in future and for that the parties must brace up.
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    I think the regional parties are going strong mainly due to the biased nature of the so-called National parties. Today in our country there are only two National parties namely BJP and Congress. Congress ruled the country for majority years. But that party was not able to maintain all the areas of the country equally. There may be many reasons for this and the ruling party may not be the only reason, but a common man will look at the ruling party only for the difference. If you take the case of Telangana, Hyderabad is the only place developed and no other place is developed at least to some extent. Telangana minus Hyderabad is a big Zero. In the same way, there are differences at National levels for which a common man thinks the ruling party is responsible. Then comes BJP. This party is not able to maintain equilibrium between various states of the country. The party appears to be, more inclined towards the development of northern states than southern states.
    This attitude is only making regional parties come up. This is not a welcome feature and will definitely create instability for the Nation.

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    No national parties in India. So called national parties doesn't have single mission and vision for entrie country. They are taking different stand in each state on a single issue based on the state and their presence. Also ruling party at center favours the states wherever their party in power. National party behaves like state level party in each state and they just having the tag "National party".

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