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    Do we understand the biased attitude of the political parties or find it good to vote blindly!

    In one of the instances, the "law of triple talaq", couldn't become the reality because the NDA was in majority in the Lok Sabha but in the Rajya Sabha, they lacked the required number of seats in order to clear the bill. In one another instance, the case of illegal immigrants of the eastern border is consuming more energies of the ruling governments in which the state level political parties like the TMC / SP / BSP including the Congress party is also crying in the name of humanity. But it's important to note that they never ever cried when the Kashmiri Pundits had been removed from their home land with having been replaced with the Muslim population or the believer of Islam religion. Likewise, once in a debate with the Samajwadi Party leader, the party leader proudly listed the policies created to benefit the Muslim population but unable to list even a single scheme to benefit the Hindu population.

    My question is, does the voter understand this biased attitude of the politicians or would like to cast his votes blindly?
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    One important point which is making political parties behave like this is the caste system in Hindus. In the case of other religions, they will go by religion. But Hindus will get divided into castes. If a Jain person is contesting all the Jains or at least majority of Jains will support and cast their votes to him. But when it comes to Hindus, they will look for the caste of the candidate to decide on the person to cast their vote. So the politicians know how to split the Hindu votes but they can't split others. That is why these people never bother about the majority community in India. The people who talk about rights and humanity in case other religions forget those two words conveniently when the same thing happens to the Hindus and Hinduism. This is what I think. I may be wrong. But I thought I should speak my mind. It is not to hurt any party or any individual, please. I think Hindus should get their attitude changed. They should get a feeling that all Hindus are the same. Once this concept gets into their mind there will be a lot of difference in the minds of these political parties and leaders.
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    This is in fact is the reality not easy to digest but even after knowing this we continue to behave in the way when the same is not required. In a way we are behaving like an uneducated individuals unable to use our own mind but instead made to work on the direction of politicians. The same group will later on blame the government & the nation for the consequences.

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    But how many people realise this and act wisely. How many educated people are going to vote? How many people exercising their vote power know the importance of the vote. Who among them knows these problems. The other problems like food, house, clothes are more important to them than a long-term perspective because of their poverty or difficulties. They believe only what their leaders of the caste in their area say. The politicians buy the so-called local heroes of the caste and play the game. Unless otherwise the voter really understands the importance of vote and learns to think about a permanent solution for his problems, the system will not become good.
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    All parties having biased attitude but why author missed to mention BJP in his list. BJP also having biased attitude towards North India, specific community (not religion) and promoting Hindi everywhere by ignoring other languages.

    BJP gave tall promises in 2014 though they aware that it is not at all achievable but people believed their promises blindly and voted to power. Again they are going to talk more than that and still few people will blindly vote them.


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