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    The nucleus of the social fabric is shrinking, be aware!

    It may not be anything new considering the present day situations. But an incident, in Kerala, that was brought to light yesterday where a family of four including the parents and two children were murdered and buried in a pit made me think about this point.

    Are we becoming oblivious to what is happening around us? From being a nuclear family, are we shrinking the nucleus to such an extent that we are not aware of what is happening in our neighbourhood? In the said case, the family was missing for about four days and no one staying nearby bothered to think about their whereabouts. There can be many excuses like that the family was reclusive etc but then have we started avoiding people around us?

    Having been accustomed to the lights in the verandah of our neighbourhood or the movement of members of a household, do we still bother to check it out if we see that the verandah is not lighted on a particular evening or that we have not been seeing anyone from the house for some time? It is just an instance that I am pointing out. There can be many to the same effect.

    Unlike the joint family era where people had so many to think and take care of them, we are living in a nuclear period. Here, neighbours do count more than family members. So, don't we need to be aware of what is happening around? It is probable that we may not be maintaining a one to one relation, but shouldn't we be keeping a tag? It is possible that I may not be meeting or speaking to my next door neighbour, but shouldn't I check it out if I don't find him with his daily routine? A light put off, an open gate, a missing vehicle or a pile of newspapers need our attention as neighbours.

    Given the present circumstances, I won't blame anyone for not being a social being as such, but does it mean that we need not be concerned at all? Should we be so concerned about me and us only?

    What is your say on this point?
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    I Googled for more information on the story. It is indeed a tragic case. But, the news reports indicate that it was the neighbours who alerted the police. It was, in fact, a neighbour who raised the alarm because one of the deceased who used to collect milk from this neighbour, had failed to do so for two days (Monday & Tuesday).

    It is not as though the neighbours did not notice that something was amiss.

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    The situation is really alarming and all of us must re-examine ourselves in the social perspective. We do not care much even about our own family members and our concern is only restricted to our own well being. In many families, it has become a trend to send the aged parents to the old age homes and in few cases it is found that the aged people in the old age homes are happy there. They think at least the old people care for each other. I have analyzed the situation in a way, that I would like to share here.

    In many families, a child is treated as a money making machine. The parents think the child should only study to score good marks and to get a well paid job, which is termed as well settled, and the child should never interfere in any social matters. Suppose, an old man dies in the neighbourhood of a particular family and the only child wants to pay a visit to the deceased's family at that moment. The parents of the child immediately restricts her/him by saying the child must concentrate about career and not on social issues. Same thing happens with the child when somebody in the family or neighbourhood falls ill. Whenever the child wants to go to the hospital to see the patient, the same things are uttered by the parents.

    In this situation is it unusual for the child to think that her/his job is only to score good marks and get the coveted job, because money is the only deciding factor in life? In this situation it is very natural for the young one to think that whatever care the parents are providing, it is only for earning a huge sum and in turn becomes crazy to the extent that money becomes the only factor and they shun everything for becoming successful. This child, now turned adult, becomes devoid of any values and naturally this nature is passed on to the next generation.

    This rot in our general values started a long ago and we are getting the results manifested in many ways. We need value education all over the country to stop this attitude.


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    My appreciations to the author for raising a good topic which is reflecting the present-day behaviour of the individuals. The concept of combined families is a gone case. Even the parents requiring the special attention of their children are also not getting enough care. Money is the centre of attraction. This problem is more in cities and towns. We don't know who is staying in the side house. The people are more interested in their own earnings and their own happiness. They don't bother about the other people. This tendency is increasing day by day.
    But in villages, the situation is better. The reason may be these days in villages aged people are more in number and they take care of each other in the village.
    The mentality of the people should change. This will happen only when the younger generation becomes more conscious and the moral values of the people are increased.
    The responsibility towards the society should be felt by all. That may improve the situation.

    always confident

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    In today's world we all have been facilitated by the information being readily available through various means & so these accidents would be most common to us sooner or later. News is already there with the updates but there are trends & the competitions within the different channels as well to come-up with the latest as well as the exciting ones so as to increase their TRP. The top reality shows & the programs like the Crime Petrol has become the most sought after commodity playing a key role for maximizing the revenues for their channels. I too is looking after the Crime Petrol in Sony Entertainment Channel. The ways wherein the plot has been created for committing the crimes surprises us of the fact which tells us that nothing seems impossible. One thing for sure that all types of crimes have been in the existence but only now a days that we are evident of those. This is mainly because of our access to all kinds of media being consisted of all those stories.

    I am of the opinion that It's important to have the right education to the infants so as to make them feel responsible for themselves & for the society as a whole or else we will have to face the consequences.

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    The issue raised here is that nobody cares for anybody anymore. I believe it's jumping to the conclusion without considering certain reasons for the same.
    First, we are all running short of time. I am yet to find someone who has loads of free time to while away. With more and more activities clamoring for our attention, time is a commodity these days not to be whiled away. The joys of the simple pleasure of spending time with neighbors are lost and hence we hardly know what's going on in their lives.
    Secondly, some people just don't like others meddling in their business and so why bother?
    Thirdly, with people, from the house help to the bus driver, committing horrific crimes, people are scared of even the smallest nuisance happening in their lives. They would rather prefer to stay away or keep their mouths shut than get into any controversy.

    Otherwise, many of us are probably still natured and do not mind taking a step or two to help someone in need.

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    What I fee that "Dont care" attitude in many is giving raise to such situations in society where in some thing happens and the fellow citizen does not know. The other day one of the senior person of the colony died due to sudden illness and the entire colony was in attendance at the funeral service. But a person who also happen to be the same colony member seen asking about the whereabouts of the old man not to be seen in walking . This irked everyone as there is a notice board in the colony where in the obituary reference has been made and the entire colony was mourning to which he never heeded the attention. Yes the social fabric is shrinking and the people are not worried about what is happening in their next door. Probably for this reason even the thieves are having their hand and loot the neighborhood without disturbance from others.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Earlier, people were much concerned for each other in a neighborhood but the times have changed now and very few people take care of what is happening in their surroundings.

    This is definitely an alarming trend and the basic purpose of living in a society is completely lost if we do not bother and care for each other.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Juana, it is indeed the neighbours who alerted the police. But is not four days (it is four days) a very long period? I think so.
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    I see a difference between four days and on the fourth day.

    Anyway, there are always two sides to every story. Nothing happens in isolation, there are always reasons. I wouldn't call it a trend.

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    I agree. There is indeed a difference between 'four days' and 'fourth day'. But the fact we need to be concerned about is why no one noticed their absence. Don't you think we need to consider the issue seriously?
    “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."- Zig Ziglar

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