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    Why not more point to point mini buses run by private parties?

    Why practshould the Government control all aspects of the transport facilities in cities? Take the example of T.Nadu. We have had private buses every where, in every other city. Except Chennai.

    This is ridiculous. Why should even the mini buses by run by the Government? Yes, the mini buses do cover areas that the regular buses do not go to.. However, there is a terrific need to ply private mini buses to every railway station on the EMU and metro network at regular intervals. This will improve the traffic to these destinations and will encourage more travel by the EMU or metro trains.

    The State Governments should give the license to private operators to ply mini buses in every city. This should be a pan-India practice. In Chennai, we do have the private vehicles that are sort of shared autos in specific areas. However, there are no mini buses to the vital stations on the EMU/metro network.

    Can we act on this and get this done?
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    In every city the auto and taxi drivers union are very strong and active and they wont allow government to take any decision which are detrimental to very living and existence. I do agree that as the city expands, more interior areas should also be covered with new routes and mini buses and they must be running to the nearest railway station, metro station or a main road from where on ward journey could be possible. Such connectivity is the need of the hour . I have seen that government buses are running on main roads and not in to the colonies and that should be connected with mini buses.
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    It is a good idea to have minibuses from point to point so that the passengers will have more buses and it will be economical for them to commute. But it can be done by State Road Transport Corporation also. In fact, the services will be better if the government runs the buses.
    In Hyderabad, there are Minibuses run by private people under SETWIN programme. These buses I am seeing for more than 25 years. The buses are not maintained well and always the buses are crowdy. They will not allow increasing the number.
    But the government-run city buses are very good in Hyderabad. There are even AC buses and the quality of service is also better. So I feel minibus run by the government from point to point will be more useful and comfortable for the passengers than the private buses.

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