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    Do not live in the shadow of others

    The journey of life is very challenging and time to time we feel to take help from others. This releases the pressure of day to day routine and we feel energised and rejuvenated.

    Some people become habituated to take help from others and in fact start depending upon others too much. This ultimately becomes their weakness and they start suffering as their own zeal and vigour goes in the background.

    Slowly they lose their individuality and start living in the shadows of their helpers.

    This may appear as a comfortable state but it is not healthy for the individual as he slowly loses his decision making power and will to take initiatives.

    One must in this world live by himself rather then on the mercy or help from others.

    In essence, we should not live in the shadow of others.

    This is the entry for TOW contest - 'shadow'.
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    The author has depicted the reality in this article. Many of us do the same thing and at times repent later because of the feeling of insecurity as a consequence of living under the shadow.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Depending on others for all the works and all the time is not correct. We should make our own efforts and live. Once in a while, we may require help from others. That is acceptable. But day in and day out for each and everything if we look at others our life will become miserable and that kind of life is not desirable. We should make our own efforts in discharging our duties and help ourselves in having a peaceful life.
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