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    Why not encourage the self help groups even more?

    The self help groups of small groups of women are very active. They are into catering services. There are hundreds also engaged in handicrafts, in the manufacture of low skill items and so on. Some agencies are also engaged in exporting their products.

    Why not tie up the CSR expenses of companies with these Self Help groups and get the organization itself help the groups to export their products? In this fashion, the chances of more income for each of the groups involved in these activities is very much possible. It will also facilitate the HR department getting involved in social activities of a tall order.

    Can we do something on these lines?
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    It is very good to support such groups. But why to tie up with CSR? Already some state governments are supporting such groups by giving incentives and loans from the banks at a very marginal rate of iinterest. The Andhra Pradesh government is encouraging these groups and they are doing a very good job.
    CSR is for the upliftment of the people and for the benfit of the society but not for business people. In Hyderabad, a group of ladies started making catering business and today they are earning good money and they even purchased cars for their use. So I think giving more incentives, offering loans at a very low rate of interest. arranging exclusive market places for the articles made by these groups and giving tax exemptions will give more encouragemnet to such groups.

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    First of all we must appreciate the TDP government for giving bigger role which created such self help groups called DWAKRA and they are really doing well promoting the life style of the women and children. Taking cue from this many states have followed the same program and getting successful. It is good to know that in TN the Amma canteens are manned and run by self help groups and there is no remarks on them. As suggested by the author, the companies which wants to reach out to the poor and needy can take the help of such effective self help groups and be a partner to progress.
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    This has been a long cherished desire of the NGOs, local help groups, women cooperative groups and social enterpreneurs to somehow channelise the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) funds to them so that it can be effectively utilized.

    Unfortunately, Govt working and NGO working are the two sides of the same coin and there is no way to amalgamate the two activities.

    If such a way can be devised where all the money from CSR funding can be appropriated for the welfare of the downtrodden people then that would be an ideal situation.

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    A noble thought from the author. Self help groups of women are doing fantastic jobs in sone part of our country.

    I have used some of the home made eatable items by them and they are very good in their quality and reasonably priced. Only problem is these groups do not have the required marketing exposures to increase the sale of their products.

    One thing which can also be thought is to tie up these small groups with established companies so that these products reach to a bigger section of consumers

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