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    How to help the rural children to express themselves?

    Very rarely, the rural students in any part of the country, get a chance to express themselves. For example, the number of students who pass the prestigious IIT JEE examination for admission into NITs and IITs is still not very high, when compared to those from the urban centers and the metros. In this context, the Tamil Nadu Government made it a point to give admission into the rural area students to study in the best engineering colleges, purely based on the plus two examination scores.

    However, even this method does have its own demerits as the rote learning leads to high marks.

    Yet, how do we shake the hassles of rural students? How do we get them to excel? Can mentoring by the urban area teachers be an option in both schools and colleges?
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    The rural people in India are also going to urban places for their studies if their families can afford. The real suffering people are rural poor people only. Giving them admission with intermediate marks is not a correct solution for solving this problem. The education standards in the rural schools have to be improved. The urban students are opting for corporate colleges and coaching centres based on their capacity for payment. Even in urban areas also there are people who are not able to go to corporate schools and studying in government schools. On the whole, the education levels in government schools are to be uplifted. The teachers should have the commitment and take more interest in mentoring the students and seeing that they will get a good education,
    The student should feel happy to go to the school and spend time. That atmosphere has to be created by the government.

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