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    Let us remember the designer of our National Flag Pingali Venkaiah

    Today is the birth day of the designer of our National Flag Pingali Venkaiah. The unsung hero would be remembered for ever as long as the Indian National Flag flies high. The Father of the nation was mentioning about him in his article titled 'Our National Flag' published in his own paper 'Young India. During his visit to Vijaywada, he asked Venkaiah who was a lecturer in Hindu College at Bandar near Vijayawada town and working on various Countries' flags to prepare our flag. A two coloured flag with red and green colours along with a Chakra symbol was designed within three hours from him and the white colour, also the colour that reminds of truth and non violence was included later.

    Thus he became popular as 'Jhanda Venkaiah' but never sought any position and led a simple life. The pathetic story was that he lived till 1963 but never witnessed the Independence Day celebrations at Red Fort as their family couldn't afford to visit New Delhi.
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    My great respects to National Flag designer Pingali Venkaiah who invented our wonderful flag and today the same has been unfurled across the country during Republic and Independence day. And it is really pathetic to note that for such a great invention, the government does not have the courtesy to invite the family to watch at least one Independence day function at Red Fort or Republic day parade on the Raj Path. From this what we learn the lesson that people of high order are systematically forgotten and if this continues the future generation would not know nothing about those great contributions.
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    I am proud that the National flag designer Pingali Venkiah is from my native State. He has become very popular as the creator of the National flag. But I never know that he never witnessed the Independence Day celebrations at Red Fort. The leaders of those days might have invited him and honoured him for this great design. Really the leader's negligence only I think. Any small work was done by the person responsible for doing that work also is being honoured these days with titles and awards. How the people can forget the great work done by this great man. I think this is purely because of the people ruling this country those days.
    Anyhow my respects to the person who designed the National flag.

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    A great narration about a down to the earth simplistic person.

    In today's world when people are ready to take the credit of work done by others such unselfish character is really praise worthy.

    I salute to the great designer of our national flag whose work will always inspire and motivate us for eternity.

    Knowledge is power.

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    How people with great character do their job and do not create a hullabaloo over it. These days everyone is busy taking credit for the smallest of deed however insignificant.
    A point to note here is, how we fail to recognize great work and great men during their lifetimes. Posthumus awards and rewards recognition mean nothing when the person is no more.

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    I had heard about the great man. However, with utmost respect to the great soul, I would like to know whether it would be proper to address him as the designer of Indian National Flag when his designed flag has not been accepted as the National Flag.
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    For the efforts made by him and firm in persuading the Congress leaders in various plenary sessions, Venkaiah had been given credit for being the architect of the national flag though there was a slight change in the design.

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    During my school days, I learnt that the Indian National Flag was first designed by Madam Bhikaji Rustom Cama, the great lady nationalist, in Paris/Vienna.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Yes, there were different versions about the designing of our National Flag and there was an untold story of Bhikaji Rustom Cama, a Bomabay born Parsi lady and a strong disciple of Dadabhai Nauroji. It was said that she has designed the Flag as a symbol of Indian national movement. She left British India in 1902 and settled in Germany due to health reasons but continued to fight for Independent India from foreign soil.

    Just I quote from Wiki - "On 22 August 1907, Cama attended the second Socialist Congress at Stuttgart, Germany, where she described the devastating effects of a famine that had struck the Indian subcontinent. In her appeal for human rights, equality and for autonomy from Great Britain, she unfurled what she called the 'Flag of Indian Independence'."

    But Venkiah too was working on designing a flag for India. In 1916 he published a book titled 'A National Flag for India' which carried thirty designs of the flag. Between 1918 and 1921, in every session of the Congress, Venkaiah raised the issue of having an own flag. And there was a mention by Gandhiji himself about Venkaiah in his own magzine. Thus historians gave the accreditation of designing our Flag to Venkaiah only.


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    The flag designed by Bhikhaji Rustom Cama in 1907 was "Flag of Indian Independence" . It was totally different with green, yellow and red stripes representing Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism respectively. Pingali Venkayya first designed a flag for the Congress party with the present tricolor and "Charka" at the center. Later with the replacement of "Charka" with "Ashoka Chakra", it was adopted as the National Flag of India.

    There is another version which says Mrs.Surayya Tayyabji of Hyderabad was the designer of the Indian National Flag. Whatever the different versions say, Pingali Venkayya is the man officially credited with the design of the Indian National Flag.

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