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    What is your source of inspiration?

    We all need inspiration from outside sometimes -no matter how self-motivated we are. It can be a person, a book, a biography, some movie or nature in general.

    I, for one, get inspired by success. When I see people succeeding, in any form, be it at work or relationship or money matters, nothing shines like success. Even a fit body is awe-inspiring to me.
    Very recently, I was privileged to attend an award function wherein people were awarded for their exemplary service to the nation for over 40 years. It was an amazing experience and it left a deep impact on me and I came home with a feeling of doing something in the service of others.

    It has inspired me to think differently!
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    Yes it is the matter of fact that we inspired from the great contributions of the people, we get inspired from the nature, and we also get inspired from the animals. How we get inspired ? It all depends on our zeal to learn more and respect others progress. If we feel that we want to learn more and surge ahead, we need to follow others and their surge in life. That close observation would lead to discovering some greatness of quality in each individual and that can be followed and implemented in life. It may not be exact copy of others life, but a added flavor from self is also expected to be a person apart.
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    It is natural that we will get inspired by some great people in our life and try to follow them. In this process, we may be learning many good things and we may be shaping our life properly. My grandfather (My mother's father) is a great inspiration to me in my life. He was a rich man with fields, house and government job. But sacrificed everything for the cause of his family members and for the poor people in his village. He had no bad habits and a very simple living man. He was in jail during freedom struggle during British rule. He refused to accept the incentive of land that was offered by the government for freedom fighters. He was practising ayurvedic medicine those days and used to supply free of cost to the village poor people. He used to go to the houses of the patients and treat them. Many people got benefitted by him. He died at an age of 81 years without suffering much. His quality of helping poor and needy is one thing I got inspired and I will also try my best to help the needy by donating money to the needy.
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    This thread inspires me for a response!
    Yes. People get inspiration from success. If you succeed, it is a reward, If you fail, you have learned. But, Life is not about success or failure. It is about effort, how sincerely you are putting effort. In the case of happiness, you never get it if you search for it.
    Think of the words of JFK: 'We do not do things because they are easy. We do them because they are hard'

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    Inspiration is something which is necessary to motivate us to do something special or outstanding. Without inspiration we can not have the requisite energy to progress ahead.

    I was always inspired by the sincerity and knowledge of some of my teachers who made an indelible mark on me. Their calm and reserved attitude always impressed me and I was tempted to mimic it during my professional life later.

    There is another source of inspiration for me and that is - books.

    I have read many books and some of them really made an everlasting effect on my thought process and creative patterns. Unknowingly, I adopted many ideas and styles from them and today my creative outputs are nothing but an amalgamation of all that which was partially absorbed during those reading sessions. I believe that books are not only our good friends but also a great source of inspiration.

    Knowledge is power.

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