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    How often you got lost in a way that in actual you never desired from yourself?

    Being life is getting more complicated, we are always working on the priorities so as to nothing gets missed out from the busy schedule but a thing doesn't move always as desired or expected. I am saying so because after going for a few miles, we come to know that we forgot something important & while doing make-up of those important things, we finally settled with few & the rest are postponed for the future. Doesn't matter how well planned our process is but this remained the scenario most of the time. In between there are occasions wherein we found ourselves lost in the middle of something but luckily we are fortunate enough to not to have any unfortunate incidences.

    Once during morning time, I came out from a bank & put on the key so as to unlock the bike. Just during this time I got a call from one of my friend & had a talk with him for about half of an hour. I was so lost during the calling that I moved here & there without having any idea that the key was kept in the bike. But I was fortunate enough this time that no accident happened like the bike could have been stolen as the same had been left unattended & while the key remained there. But hope so that the next time I might not be that much fortunate.
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    This happens many times to many people. This is mainly due to multitasking. We will have many works on hand and we will be attending each work in bits and pieces. In this process sometimes we will miss out certain points. This is more so with our official works. In any organisation for carrying out a project, the plan will be made and executed and there will be the process of reviewing in between at regular intervals. Even all concerned discuss and plan also sometimes we will be missing important points. In my case what happens is after completing the work and coming home, my mind will be working on the issue and just before getting into sleep I will realise the missing link. The next day immediately I will see that it will be incorporated in the plan. This happened many times in my career.
    This is mainly because of the diversion of the mind from the work on hand to the other work waiting for us. We should inculcate the habit of forgetting the other things when we are working a particular work.

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