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    Is self-sacrifice a solution for life?

    Life is such a wonder right? We all are born for a reason and life is just a miracle where we never know what will happen in the next second. We just move on in our life accomplishing the tasks we are responsible for.

    However, we see people sacrificing their lives for simple troubles that they encounter. They never make a thought what may happen in next minute. Every second in our life is a gift and we may have a better life. Why can't they understand the beauty of life and enjoy it?

    There are many people we see around, living without any support. No shelter, no food no helping hand but they are still leading their lives. On the other hand, few people even though they have everything around them, they don't understand how to utilize and they sacrifice lives for simple reasons, leaving their loved ones in depression.

    There is no bigger fear than death in life and all other problem are very small compared to death. We have to live till we are alive and fight for what we want. Life is more valuable than anything else in the world. Hope people should understand this and keep fighting till the last breath. Please share your views about this.
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    I did not understand your question. From your explanation, it seems like you are talking about suicide rather than self -sacrifice. There is a hell lot of difference between the two.
    Suicide is a negative, cowardly act whereas you may sacrifice your pleasures and joys in the service of some other, which is commendable and inspiring to others.

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    Life is really a gift from God. No doubt about that. We don't know what are we before we born and what we will be after our death. So as long as we are on this earth, we should enjoy the life. True. But at the same time, it is our duty to help others to the maximum extent possible and see that they are also happy. Then only we can say we are doing justice to our life. We have to live with optimism and enjoy with whatever comes our way. Accept the things as they come and go forward. This should be the philosophy of life. Sacrifice your time and life for doing good to somebody but don't get out of your life with a fear to live.
    As expressed by the author we don't know what happens next minute. But we plan everything with hope on our survival and continuity. We can't sit idle without planning anything with a fear of death. Sometimes we have to face some problems. Face them bold and go forward but don't get upset which makes your life miserable.

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    Those who cannot cope up with the challenges, and does not find a solution to problems do loose the hope in life and commit suicide. When we are ready to accept happiness and good moments in life. then we should also be prepared to face the bad situation and sad moments of life. And when we wont reveal the good things achieved in life to every one, then why should we tell the challenges faced or bad situation being faced be revealed to others. Just be yourself. When the problems comes, they will go and disappear in moments , so one should not be perturbed with the problems and challenges.
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