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    She had her last wish of donating her body for the social cause.

    It was the last wish of her mother for not cremating her body but instead wanted to donate her body parts. So when she died, their children while taking care of her last wish donated to the AIIMS, Delhi.

    I am keeping this anonymous, that she was the mother of one of my customer belonging to the Punjab state. While I am not concerned with the background of the family members but it's a thought provoking incidence which I wanted to share with the readers here. If each one of us continues with this then possibly we can make this world a beautiful place to live in but due to superstitious beliefs we have been hesitating for such a wonderful acts which in some way can provide some happiness to the much needed individuals or to the handicapped.

    She was 95.
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    Organ donation is the need of the hour. It is an area where our country is lagging behind -be it in terms of laws and regulations, the speed of delivery of the organs, the preservation standards. Even the awareness and acceptance rates are next to nil. The reasons could be many but there is an urgent need to create awareness and acceptance among the general public.
    People need to think beyond themselves. After all, we are definitely not going to take our organs with us to heaven so why not be useful to someone?
    We should all pledge to donate our organs and push others to do the same.

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    A great gesture by the old lady of 95 years old. Even after her death also she helped the society in a way by donating her body. As mentioned by the author, it is a good gesture and people should come forward for organ donation like the old lady to make their life useful during they live after their living also.
    My mother in law expired two years back at an age of about 82 years. She has donated her eyes to the eye bank. In the village, many people wanted to that but the real problem is the people who have to collect these organs are not able to reach the place in time and hence their wish is not getting fulfilled.
    In my native place, one old lady has informed the eye bank regarding donating her eyes. After her death, family members informed the eye bank people but they couldn't reach the spot in time. Like this, there are some practical problems in our country.

    always confident

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    Wow what a great gesture. Elders used to say Annadhan is best, then comes blood donation, then the eye donation and the last is the organ donation. And those who have donated their entire body is equivalent to God as so many other people can get their second lease of life with such organs donation. In India we cannot purchase organs as it is illegal and many cases in the hospitals are waiting for such donors and I salute this women of 95 who donated her entire body to the cause of other patients. Surely those who received her parts are really blessed and they are indebted to the woman for ever.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We have a scenario from Mr. Rao (#644148) here wherein we are not carried away with the facilities & due to this the favors from the unknown doesn't actually reaches to the needy persons. This is really sad.

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    Organ donation is a noble gesture and many people of our generations are doing it but it is surprising that a lady from last generation is coming forward for such great thing.

    Organ donation is a great thing as it can change someone's life drastically from misery to happiness.

    Knowledge is power.

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