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    Why are we afraid of ourselves?

    Some people have strong willpower while some others may be weaker and are not able to make decisions. Whatever it may be, most of us ask ourselves before taking up a job or a task whether we would be successful or not. Sometimes the answer comes from our inner self that success is unlikely and we feel bad about it.

    So getting an answer from inner self is all right and it makes us alert in the sense that many times we even fear asking ourselves such questions thinking that the negative answer would only demoralize us.

    So the question is whether we should ask ourselves or not and why should be we fearful of ourselves?
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    When we ask a question about our ability to be successful, if we get a negative answer, I feel we should not leave the matter there. We should try to understand what made our inner self-get that doubt about being successful. Once we understand the reasons for this, we should strengthen the areas where we feel we are weak to be successful. Then we can be successful in all the works we take up. This analysis and getting afresh is very important these days to be the front-runner in the life. Then we will not have fear for taking up the works and tasks.
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    What I feel is that this characteristic is inherent in most of the people. When we face an issue, we first think whether we are capable of taking it up. Many have the tendency to highlight the negative aspects of the issue and hence to withdraw from it. On the other hand some take the same as a challenge and go ahead. The percentage of the second category is relatively small. Majority stop at the planning time itself.
    This dual personalities are there in most of the people. It is the question of overtaking one by the other. An open discussion with friends and experts in the field, perhaps will help to overcome this duality situation and choose the correct line. Similarly guidance from literature or other sources can also be availed.


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    The reasons could be many like the lack of resources or the proper back-up in order to carry out with the operations which keep us on the back foot. In addition to this the below points can also be taken as an important factor,
    1. We continue to be on the comfort zone.
    2. Lacking in the clarity of thought or having with more doubts.
    3. Devoid of risk taking capabilities.
    4. More fear of the negative outcomes.

    Let's now look at the below one incidence,

    "Yesterday I saw a vendor got shifted to the new location. This new location is spacious so as to be carried with more commodities. In addition this is also comfortable for the customers to be in line & buy the items."

    Does the author agree inhere if I say that the same vendor had been running with a small shop with less space but is the fact but have we gone through with his struggling days?

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    Human beings are designed to make decisions based on two considerations of the outcome -either pain or pleasure. Also, we have an inherent system of protecting ourselves from any harm however remote it may seem. For instance, when we touch anything hot even for the split of a second, we immediately react and move back with a jolt.
    So whenever we perceive danger or failure, however imaginary, our subconscious sends a quick alert and we instantly drop the idea.
    It is with time and experience that we must understand how our mind plays games with us. Hence, we must constantly motivate ourselves and surround self with people who believe in our abilities. Fear of failure is a big demotivator. But any great success is a progressive result of multiple failures. There are umpteen examples from sportspersons to businessmen to pedestrians like us who constantly need to get over our fear of failure.

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    Right from the childhood we are being nurtured by our parents not exposing us to the worst situations of life and thus we does not know the negative impact on life. This is the great mistake every parent does. A child must be exposed to the challenges of life, then only he realize how difficult to get on in this world of competition and cunning attitude. That is why when we achieve success, a big party is thrown for the friends and relatives to cherish the moment, but when a failure embrace us, we are fearful and feel that we are discarded from the society. That negative feeling must go. Success and failures are going to happen in cycle and this fact must be understood by every person and the parents should also educate the child. That means if they laugh today, be ready to weep tomorrow as challenges can be foreseen and for that one should not get perturbed but should face it with guts.
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    I think it is basically lack of confidence. We entertain fear while taking a decision due to many reasons. It may be due to the fear of failure which can harm us or our family etc. It is fine to be fearful but then it should not go to an extent where your movement ahead is blocked.
    “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."- Zig Ziglar

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