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    A shadow of a doubt!

    A candlelight always casts a shadow when it is lit in the dark. Similarly, both truth and lie also cast a shadow of a doubt when it is spoken. Wherever a truth and lie is, there will be a shadow of a doubt. In other words, we can also say that doubt is a shadow of a truth and a lie. A shadow of doubt always follows the spoken words and the reactions of a people. Not everyone will have 100% trust and belief in the words spoken by every single person we meet. Doubt is not a pleasant condition but certainty is absurd. It is natural that a lie once spoken will forever cast a shadow of a doubt on every further word spoken by that person. Likewise, even if a person speaks a truth and if the one who listens to the words of that person doesn't believe the facts hidden inside the spoken truth, then the truth itself may create a doubt on the mind of the opponents. It is difficult to convince others beyond the shadow of a doubt.

    Doubt continuously follows until a trust is built upon a person. It takes years to build trust and a matter of seconds to lose the trust earned. But once the trust is broken, the shadow of a doubt will forever follow a person. Even if we prevent our shadow of doubt from following others, sometimes some unexpected situation twists our mind and spoils everything.

    Doubt is purely evil and it kills the faith we have in another person. Also, it sometimes ruins our own life, if we don't have a strong belief in ourselves and our capabilities. It is impossible to hide from the shadow of doubt cast upon us by others, but we can try to stop casting our shadow of doubt on others. Raising doubts or judging a person based on his or her past and directly jumping to a conclusion is totally unfair. So, instead of blindly doubting others, we can first verify and then trust. Clarifying and handling a situation proactively will prevent a shadow of doubt from entering into our lives.

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    Doubt is a natural attribute of human nature. It arises in situations where departure from natural behaviour takes place.

    So it is natural that doubt will have a region of uncertainity around it and that is the thing called shadow of the doubt.

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    Generally, the majority of people will always have a doubt about other people until they get confidence in the other person. But some people will be very suspicious and never believe their own family members also. Doubting too much and without any reason is not good for the people. It will spoil both the parties and in case of any real requirement also the trust will not develop. So it is always advisable not to doubt without any reason.
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    It's a habit of many people to jump into conclusions without verifying the fact. If the doubt on anything persists, it casts a shadow on everything associated with that particular thing. At times past incidents influence us to judge a present situation, but just clutching on to the doubts without analyzing the situation will permanently cast a shadow on to it. The author is trying to send the message through this article to clarify everything before going to its conclusion.

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