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    Are the ATM counters properly secured everywhere?

    Often the RBI issues guidelines regarding ATM/Debit/Credit card transactions, security aspects of ATM counters, safety precautions for online transactions and so on. There are instances where these guidelines are not followed properly by the customers as well as the banks.

    Recently, a number of cases of fraudulent withdrawals from ATMs of few private and nationalized banks are reported in Kolkata and the police are looking at all possible angles to find out the motive. They have found skimming devices at few of those banks' ATM counters and suspicion is raised about the absence of security guards inside the ATM kiosks again. Earlier, the incidents of attack on customers inside ATMs prompted the banks to post security personnel inside the kiosks but when things die down rules are relaxed. Given these type of fraudulent activities inside ATM kiosks, posting of a security guard inside them may be a viable solution rather than depending only on online surveillance systems.
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    It is true. These days many ATMs are there without a security guard. These ATMs are open in the night also. These unmanned ATMs are vulnerable to people with other motives. Many cases are getting reported regarding mischiefs with these ATMs. I don't understand why banks are so reluctant in safeguarding the security of their property and public property. I feel all ATMs should have security guards at least to alert the police in case of any unauthorised person entry into this area. The RBM guidelines in this respect should be strict and no ATM can be operated without a guard must be implemented 100%.
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