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    Is it possible to see only own pending resource list ?

    Is it possible to see only own pending resource list ? I went through my resources and clicked pending but it shows all pending resources.
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    As far as my knowledge goes there is no separate provision to see your pending resources separately. You can see the status of your articles in two ways.
    You can click on my Articles in the list provided at the top of the articles index page. The total articles will be displayed and clicking on your articles one by one you can see the status of the article.
    Another way is to clock on my recent posting items from the list that drops down when you click on your name at the top of the web page when you are logged in the site.
    Anyhow you will be receiving the mail and an alert when the status of your article is changed.

    always confident

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    Use this link:

    Just replace my user ID with yours.

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    As Dr.N.V Srinivas Rao sir said you need to open my articles list and need to open the article for which you want ti check the status. Other wise check in pending list. Their is no seperate option for checking your own pending articles list.

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