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(This thread is the Consolation Prize winner of Topic based month end TOW contest for the month Jul'18 on topic -Shadow )
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    The shadow remains in every sphere of life

    Since yesterday night her mind is lost somewhere, she is unable to concentrate properly on anything. It's 4:30 now, she woke up, slowly came out of the bedroom and stood in the balcony for a while, looking at the empty road. It's too early now to see the usual traffic movement or people there, she sat on the floor of the balcony and tried to meditate, it's so calm and peaceful all around.

    She mediates everyday morning inside her room, but today it's too early for even the sun to come out and the calmness surrounding the balcony coupled with the restlessness inside her somehow compelled her to start meditation there in the balcony itself. No, she couldn't concentrate because of the very thought and returned to her bedroom.

    Things will be so different from tomorrow. She thought of calling her husband, now out of station on an official engagement, but it will be too early to disturb him now. Yesterday night she talked to him for a long time, told him about the turbulence inside her mind, he listened carefully and passionately scolded her for her childish behavior. Is she a child, even at 39? Maybe so, her father also used to tell her the same thing. Her father always told her to come out of the shadows and live a life of her own…..she thinks, is she not doing exactly that? Suddenly, the alarm rings and she hurriedly woke up. Oh! She felt asleep, while thinking of those childish things.

    She reached office in time, though reluctant but started the work. Suddenly, she heard his calm voice; she turned back and saw him standing at a distance and calling her. She went inside his room and sat on the chair facing him, the same chair where she sat during her interview. It's almost 7 years now and she grew in the company under this man's shadow. He is like a father figure to her, so caring and helpful; under his guidance she learned so many things about life and today is his last day in office. She felt like crying, but somehow managed herself. She had to be steady, she is not a child anymore. She murmured to herself, "from tomorrow onwards this man may not be here in the office, but his shadow will always remain with me in every sphere of life".

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    Some times our thoughts go beyond imagination to which we are alone responsible and for others we seems to differently thinking. Same is the story of this author.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true. Sometimes it will be very difficult to digest the hard facts. In everybody's career, there will be a mentor who shapes them to become a good employee. Many of the people treat their mentors as gurus and never forget them. I faced such a situation when my immediate boss in my company retired. Even today I remember him and be talking to him if I really need any advise. A good narration by the author. Some people will be more sentimental and they may be getting considered as childish by their family members.
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