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    Indians waste as much food as the whole of United Kingdom consumes!

    From the above statement, it may seem that we Indians are from the lands of Rajas and Maharajas. So each soul in our country must be stuffed with extra food and therefore we all are wasting a whopping Rs 50,000 crores worth of produced food every year!

    But, welcome to reality, even in as early as 2013, 20 crore Indians went to sleep hungry on any given night. And come 2017, India has been ranked 100 out of 117 countries on the Global Hunger Index, behind China (29th rank), Nepal (72), Myanmar (77), Sri Lanka (84) and Bangladesh (88). Even North Korea ranks 93rd while Iraq is at 78th position.

    Such is the state of affairs in our country. Who is responsible? We are. Who is going to correct the situation? We are.
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    It's true, we are to blame for this mess. In every situation, be it pollution, waste management, corruption or breaking rules, we directly blame the authorities without looking into the facts. Yes, there is mismanagement among different authorities, but are we ourselves manageable?

    There are rules in place, but we break it everyday, everywhere. It's really alarming, the way the food is wasted. In many social occasions it is seen that people are wasting a lot of food, they take the food in their plates but later wastes it in some pretext.

    We do not think much about the impact of food waste deeply. It's like a chain - just think of the losses it incurs. The wastage of food means the fuel used to cook the food is wasted along with the amount of water and manpower, the logistics to bring the materials, the water and electricity to grow the produce , the fertilizers, everything is wasted and the list may become endless. It is directly hampering our economy.

    As long as we are not applying our common sense to these basic things, no law will be able to mend us.


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    Oh my God. The situation is alarming and those who can afford to the food are wasting and those who cannot afford food they are starving . That is really pathetic and I blame the situation on the habits of the people only. When you visit any marriage function and most of them served with buffet, the wastage of food seems to be large as even children are allowed to take the food on their own and they do not have the right choice and hence put all things in the plate but eat much less. And the parents wont care about this wastage. The reason for buffet system food serving is to make the guest free to eat without asking for the dishes they want. But invariably the food is taken on the plate and then discarded to the waste bin which bothers the guest much as some times they have to cope up with the shortage of food for those who eat last.
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    The way stats are the way there are because of the huge population. You might counter me saying China ranks higher than us despite having almost twice as our population. But Chinese produce a lot. A much more than India can now. China is the largest producer of paddy and is still hugely agriculture dependent. The reason for Indians wasting up food might be our elaborate grand functions. We need to check our resources before squandering them.
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    This is the problem in our country In our country. the people who have food can't digest. The person who can digest will not have the food. That is the irony. I have seen many young people go and eat fast foods and by the time they come home they don't feel like eating and the food prepared in the house will be excess and the lady don't know what to do with that.
    Another biggest problem in our country that many people will not understand the importance of food. I read somewhere that Ratna Tata with a group of people went to a foreign country and they went to a restaurant. There they ordered a lot of food and left the food on the plates. By seeing that an old lady came to them and asked them why they are wasting the food. Then from the group, somebody answered they have purchased the food and that is their will and wish to leave or consume. Then the lady told that you can waste your money as you like but you don't have rights to waste my country's natural resources. This is the concept our Indians are missing. Another point here is the natural resources are not getting distributed equally to the population. This point is to be thought and rectified by the rulers of the country.

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