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    A request- kindly adhere.

    With the General Elections in the offing, may we request our members to desist from raising threads related to the probabilities and possibilities during the next election? There is a lot of time left. We can discuss the topic at a later stage when the election is declared. Let us not follow the 24x7 routine. Keep a tag and have your hands full for the right time.
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    Yes. It is good to keep our ideas reserved for the correct so that a better discussion will take place at the right time. Hope all members will be following the same.
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    This was required from ISC behalf & I really appreciate & welcome this move. I do feel that we got enough resources for raising the topics & keep going with our stands which could be on either side of our agreement of the subject matter.

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    A good request from the Editor. We have ample time for the General Election. We need not discuss it out now wasting our time and energy.
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    In India, elections will be going on all the time for the State or Central Governments. The elections influence the policies of the respective governments as some decisions are timed for the election times. I do not feel anything wrong if the elections are discussed as they will be shaping the future of the people and the country. If the editor feels it is too early let it be so and let the editor inform when it is the proper time to discuss.
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    Discussing politics and that too before the election times happens anywhere and why ISC does not want to do so. ? Let the admin raise the issues now and then and we shall respond. But totally shying away is something more harsh on the site itself.
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    Politics is such a common and engrossing subject that everyone will like to have his views on the contemporary issues. In fact if allowed in any site or forum it will overshadow all other subjects and people will go on debating the issues time and again.

    It is good that we will have some respite from this crowded arena and concentrate towards more creative things in life.

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    Agree with the suggestion, We need not jump at every titbit of information/speculation/statement related to the elections. It is difficult to keep away from political discussions or opinions, and ISC/ its members are no exception to this. Now and then we can have a meaningful thread when there is a significant development, a totally unexpected alliance or a viable poll strategy.

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    With the run up to election, everyday is going to present an ample opportunity to discuss issues from the silliest to the most critical.
    I think it is absolutely fine have to keep political topics on the back burner for a while.

    It will also give apolitical people such as me to prepare themselves by brushing up on our political fundas.

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    It is always better to wait and watch. We do not know what would be the policies of different parties in the next election. They have not opened their cards. It would be better to discuss the issue once the political parties open their cards and prepare their manifestos.
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    Yes of coarse we don't who will going to be a next leader in the election.
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    For the betterment of educational portal, members should refrain from raising threads related to elections. Elections discussions are considered vague and might trigger unexpected things. Such discussions should not be allowed.

    [Edited - be careful of the language used.~ ME]

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    I appreciate and welcome to take this step for the betterment,to bring the people ideas and political emtions,election discussions will generate a good line and it can be educated

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    I think that there is no need to discuss about elections in future also because traditions before elections could not be stopped.

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    With the election dates announced, we can now have discussions related to probabilities and possibilities. Please maintain the decorum of our forum with healthy discussions which adhere to the forum guidelines.
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