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    Why is that global warming is not taken seriously at all?

    The cost of development is huge. Everywhere in the world, natural resources are being destroyed to set up huge factories. Many of the cities are built on farms, lovely fields and enough space that can really give a big boost to agriculture, if left untouched.

    Yet, when the whole world talks about global warming, we seem to be more interested in all sorts of "development" that will ultimately destroy everything good about nature. Agriculture is already on the decline and those who are so keen to destroy nature are least bothered about it. Am also told that global warming is directly or indirectly connected with all attempts to destroy nature.

    Why have eight lane roads, when the existing roads are fine? The latest robbery of natural resources, including huge pockets of water resources to get the Salem to Chennai Highway project is one example.

    Where are we going? In the next forty years, will we have cities where only the service sector will grow? Where only entrepreneurship will mean jobs? What will our environments be, when cities like Chennai expand to one hundred kilometers?
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    Normally when there is a development, it must be either at the cost of destroying the forest, or encroaching on the water bodies which are of no use as per the planners. Most of the rural roads on national highways are extended by penetrating into the green pockets which results in felling of huge trees. On the one hand every government wants to grow more trees and ask citizen to strictly follow of two trees per person rule. But on the other hand the same governments ruthlessly cut the trees not even thinking of relocating them. Unless and until a awareness is created, the planners wont understand the effect of global warming,
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    Already we are feeling the effect of global warming. The temperatures are increasing year after year. Summer is expanding. Winter and rainy seasons are shrinking. If this happens in the same way for some more time we may feel the difference very high. There are many reasons for this. Deforestation is one of the causes of this. We all should plan to plant more trees and avoid encroaching the land. We should expand vertically but not horizontally. More plantation will ensure more rains and more oxygen. This point is to be taken care. Using petroleum products should be reduced and alternatives should be developed. Carbon gases should be reduced to the maximum possible extent and carbon footprint on the earth should be reduced to a minimum possible extent. All these actions should be taken up by all of us in their true spirits and see that the global warming will come down and we will hand over this mother earth to the next generation in the way as we received at least if not improved.
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    Because we all have narrowed down our thoughts to ourselves only & till the time that we acknowledge the awareness among us & begin the welfare on a much bigger platform there seems to be no reason that this is going to be reduced. It's better known to us that we are going towards our destruction on two-ways. In one hand we are killing the vegetation & on the other hand we are increasing our demand for the materialistic commodities. In what that we will refer to ourselves wherein we know the dark side of the polythene bags but still go on to the market without bags & demand more polythene bags from the vendors.

    We only can draw either of the two outcomes from here that either we haven't understood the things or we are a fool. Do you agree with me?

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    Global warming got renamed to "Climate change" but it is still as fake as ever.

    The new term is politically correct, so whether it warms up or cools down, it would fit the term 'climate change'.

    These supposedly knowledgeable people will not take into account the fact the arctic ice was thinner in 1955 than last few years. Nor will they reveal the arctic ice was thinner even more than 100 years ago.

    The Chennai flood from abot a hundred years ago is termed as huge as the one in 2015. Was there such great global warming to cause this at that time?

    Diego Garcia islands in Indian ocean is cleansed off the natives with the threat of rising sea levels, and today it is a strategic naval base for the USA/UK combine. The natives are scattered around nearby countries Seychelles, Madagascar, etc.

    When the earth warms up, it also creates more land for cultivation in the cold north countires. The climate change promoters will quietly hush up this fact.

    According to the same people of knowledge, the earth's crust under the ocean is rather thin, like 3 km and is easily cracked. So, when the ice melts and fills up the ocean to raise the water levels, would not the increased weight and pressure from the extra water crack and rearrange the crust layers?

    Carbon tax and greenhouse gas and other similar things are imposed upon the developing countries by the usual culprit countries to prevent rapid development and burden them with multiple hoops to overcome before developing.

    We ought to not get carried away by the corruption that exists in the scientific community. Of course there is validity in the using plastics/deforestation etc, but not to the extent shoved down our throats for the profit of a few.

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    Global warming is looming a big threat on the human race. This is going to be a catastrophic phenomenon and there is a danger of even wiping out of the entire human settlement from this beautiful planet.

    Though world Govts are taking many steps to reduce the impact of this global warming but it is such a big task that until unless all the NGOs, citizen groups etc unite and do a combined effort to fight with this looming threat by sustaining the ecology of the Earth environment, nothing concrete is expected in this direction.

    Scientifically, there are many studies done by eminent persons in this area and results are very fearful that the fast degradation of natural resources and deterioration of climate is ultimately going to be disastrous for all of us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In simple, It is the duty of God who created the earth to care his creations. God is the director who does things through His created men and women. Earth is a ball rolling in the hands of God. Everything will go on His way. It is His duty to save or destroy the earth. While we destroy the trees, we are also advising to plant trees. We have vast oceans and seas. Who knows, a day will come when we will be able to convert the sea water into potable drinking water in a very simple way. I do not thing that the scientists' Global warming will affect us that seriously. We cannot go against the nature. Things are happening naturally according to His will and wish.

    According to me, India was once submerged, and then raised.

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