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    Now that much doubts has been raised on Aadhaar and data. Is it not the time go for fool proof card?

    We all know the recent development of news where in a Aadhaar number of a official who challenged that it cannot be hacked, was proven in the media and entire history of his credentials was out and that brought shivering in many as every Aadhaar card is now linked to all the government departments and services and our details are vulnerable to be hijacked. In this back drop is it not the right time to come with fresh Identity card with fool proof arrangement of not leaking anything to anyone.?
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    All our details are available easily as we are having all our details on our smartphone and we are allowing all the app as to scan all our details on the phone. So we need not think about only Aadhar card also. If we want to maintain the confidentiality of our information we should not install all these apps on our phone. There are n number of cards already to us and why again one more card. Let us not think of another card.
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    The concern of the author in this thread is obvious. This has happened earlier also, but the news was declared as fabricated by UIDAI authorities. Now a government official has proved it by leaking his AADHAAR number to a social platform and they cannot deny it again. Whenever some data is stored online, there remains a possibility of stealing it if proper security measures are not taken.

    The information security of AADHAAR remains a challenging task because not only it consists personal information, but biometric information also. We have enough of identity cards, so instead of opting for another card more stringent security measures have to be in place and if already there is a serious security breach then all of the AADHAAR numbers can be changed to some new algorithm, which the authorities should inform the identity holders.


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    Although I have been to the internet searching of this news but couldn't get information & even if this is the case then I am surprised that why the opposition parties are mum on this issue. In addition, no viral news on this subject & no debates aired during the prime time. I would like to know the source because I want to know more about how this could be made possible. In addition I don't feel any basis if the author intends to have yet another "fresh Identity card with fool proof arrangement of not leaking anything to anyone", because these are developed & the same is also carried away with the human beings & so there would always be chances of human errors but in the same time the existing system can be further improved by eradicating the loopholes while taking care of the future possibilities of the changing scenario.

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