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    Do you want NRC in all states of India?

    After dilly-dallying by various State and Central Governments formed by various parties, finally the Central Government, as per the direction of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, has brought out the final draft of National Registrar of Citizens (NRC) in the state of Assam. After preliminary examination, 40 lakh people have been found to be illegal infiltrators in the state of Assam alone. I shudder to think what is the actual condition in all north-eastern states and in West Bengal. Crores of illegal infiltrators are entering into India (excluding the refugees who come to India to save themselves from religious cleansing), indulge in various crimes and nefarious activities, eat away the precious resources of the country, change the demographic profile, destroy the social fabric and pose threat to the national security.

    These infiltrators gradually move to other states of India. Even in far-away Kerala, Rajasthan and Jammu, the infiltrators gradually settle and cause problems in those states. So, I want NRC in every state and union territory of India. It is a must for peace and security of the entire country.

    Do you want NRC all over India? Express your opinion thinking about the country, and not being influenced by any political party.
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    I feel it should be taken up countrywide. We, the citizens of India, toiling to earn and paying all the taxes from our nose without fail. This money is going to be spent on all these illegal migrants, why should we pay tax?
    40,00,000 people who are not our Nationals are staying in Assam. Then what about the surrounding States. We don't know the exact number. It is high time to see and know at least what is the quantum of these people and what are they doing for their livelihood. Are the getting indulged in any antisocial activities? These points are very important even to the security of the country also. So this issue should be taken seriously and a proper action should be initiated to solve this problem.
    Definitely, any person who is really interested in the progress and security of the country should accept the proposal of NRC for all the states. It is better to take up this work at the earliest.

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    Every state government must take the initiative to find out the illegal immigrants and deport them back to their respective countries. The problem is rising everyday and as a resident of West Bengal, I have a fair idea about the situation in this state. After publication of the final draft of NRC in Assam, it is Mamata Banerjee, the CM of West Bengal, who is most vociferous among all the political leaders about the issue. She is aware of the illegal immigration situation here and fears of losing the chunk of votes if an NRC is prepared for this state.

    In 2005, when the left were ruling the state, she herself raised the issue in parliament about regular increment in the number of illegal immigrants in the state. We all are aware of the vote-bank politics of all the parties and since the election is round the corner they are making it a large issue by sympathizing with the infiltrators. It is a high time for the central government to look into the issue of infiltrators, better if done under the direction of the top court, and proper measures must be taken to rehabilitate them in their respective places. Otherwise, everything in the country, be it resources or economy, will be at stake.


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    Today I have read in Anandabazar (a popular Bengali newspaper) that other political parties are no longer with Mamata-led Trinamool on this issue. They have understood people's sentiment.

    In other states also, the NRC should be prepared, infiltrators (not refugees) must be identified, their voting rights withdrawn and these infiltrators must be pushed back to their own country.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I don't know if the same is illegal than why we are trying to justify the illegal migrants on humanitarian grounds. This is all political or otherwise if the politicians were so much concerned about on the humanitarian grounds than there wasn't any place for hunger & injustices in our country. These are illegal & these are to dealt with only one way that they should be commuted to their own land who are posing a threat to our demography & culture.

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    Well NRC is important and most wanted in those states which are exposed to coast line, International border and land approach from other countries. Telangana is safe with all the states surrounded by it and more over the one day state survey taken by the TRS government has taken note of who is staying here and how long and for what purpose. So as far as TS is concerned we do not want NRC. But I fear TN and AP wants to have this NRC as there are infiltration from other nations and the people have stayed back. It all depends on the state government to demand the same.
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    So, in a nutshell, Members from all states want NRC in their respective states. Why don't we inform our views to the politicians?
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    For proper documentation of the citizenship and identification of residents in any country, it is essential that NRC or something like that should be in practice.

    In fact, Aadhar card was an effort in this direction but it could not penetrate to that level due to lack of governance.

    NRC is also a good document but the authenticity of data is also questionable due to various local factors involved at the boundaries of two countries. The aberrations produced at the local levels create complicated political scenarios prohibiting the administrative bodies to take tough and stringent measures in such cases.

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    NRC in every state a good. It will give insight into the scenario of the current status. We could identify illegal immigrants. For me the problem is not the NRC itself, it is the after effect of the same.

    In this registry there are a lot of people left out as they couldn't produce papers. They may be present in india for period of 25 years. All their income land family in india. These people might not the problematic people. People like them gets cut off from india. They stand as second grade citizen. Which cannot happen.

    Even the bangladesh would not take them in as they don't have documentation. Where will these people go. This is the main humanitarian issue in NRC .

    A good plan should be weaved together to prevent some sort of disaster.

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    1. First, declare them as infiltrators.
    2. Then deprive them of their voting rights.
    3. When this is completed, the political parties will lose interest because these infiltrators won't vote for them.
    4. Give facilities to the real refugees who have come to India to escape from religious persecution.
    5. Secure the border. Open small arms fire and artillery fire to prevent BGB and Pakistani Rangers to send fresh infiltrators.
    6. Push the infiltrators back to their native country.
    7. Please tell the self-serving, short-sighted political leaders that India is not a ''dharamshala''. The first and only right to India's assets goes to the true citizens of India.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    NRC is very much necessary in all states to prevent the short-sighted political leaders to turn India to a dharmshala for foreign hooligans. It is necessary to make people understand the difference between the peaceful majority people from West Bengal/Assam/North-Eastern states and destructive people entering India from the neighbouring country to make this country a hell.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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