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    Students are confused a lot, even more confused are their parents. Do the parents need counselling?

    This has happened again, now in West Bengal. Few students were arrested for threatening their school teacher with firearms. They stole money from their house to purchase those firearms and used some sophisticated methods to frighten the teacher. This incident is not new and repeated from time to time in different parts of the country. Students not only threaten or kill their teachers, even kill fellow students also. Is there anything missing with these students for engaging in unlawful behaviour?

    The younger generation nowadays is confused a lot. With lots of information and loads of activities around them, they are getting confused. Instead of getting help from guardians or teachers, they are seeking help online or from peers which are even compounding their problems. In many cases, the parents feel they are not equipped enough to deal with the problem of their children and leave it to the school authorities even without informing them. It seems the school has become a place only to learn the subjects to fetch good marks and not a place to become a wonderful being in nature. These students need a shoulder to cry on during adolescence and the parents must help them in every way to let the students face the world bravely. There is an inhibition among parents to deal with many questions their children ask and feel uncomfortable to face it. This behaviour turns away the children out of fear and puts a lot of pressure on the young minds. Maybe, proper counseling of the parents before admitting their children to school is the need of the hour.
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    The pressure of education and the parents who want their children to surge ahead are the main reasons for the students getting loose over the situation. A student does not want a pressure tactic. Instead he likes those teacher who are sober and good at imparting teaching to the understanding level of each student and for which teachers are not ready as they are under paid and most teachers are not happy with their jobs. But in West Bengal the society itself has turned as hooligan and the students are easy to learn the lawlessness . It is the society to be blamed for all the mess of this.
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    I feel all the students, the teachers, the parents and the society is also responsible. A student of a school purchasing firearms and threatening the teacher. When we hear it, we feel like we are hearing a story. A student group trying to kill a teacher is an indication of the depressed mind of the students. Many of the students these days are not able to withstand the pressure of their studies and doing such things. The parents who are supposed to mentor them and teach them how to behave are failing in their duties. A teacher who should train his student on the right path is failing in his duty. The student is spending time with their smartphones and internet and learning easy going in the life are failing to have a decent behaviour. The society is feeding the students all wrong ways and means and helping them in becoming antisocial elements.
    These incidents are becoming more in West Bengal and the government there is not able to concentrate on these issues. The government there is always thinking about what is happening in Delhi but never thinks how to make their house orderly. This attitude is to be changed and first, they should make their state good and then talk about the central government.

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