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    Why bygone days always look better?

    It is not uncommon to come across these words from everyone anywhere, anytime and in any field. 'During those days of my playing cricket', a cricket commentator continues to add something. 'We were so disciplined and punctual at the shooting spot', says a veteran actor. 'The dress-ware at that time was lovely and comfortable', a memory recall by fashion designer.

    These 'in those days' factor plays an important role in the present and I doubt we are unable to cope up with present and go on praising the past. No doubt we should learn from the past but should not undermine the present which would lead to 'not a happy situation'.

    But Why days gone by always look better for everyone? Is it a psychological influence?
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    The problem is that we are good at least in criticizing others & while at the same time we want to prove ourselves better in comparison to the others. In order to succeed in this, we goes on creating the basis of contrast so as to make the story easily visible to the others. The answer against the query of the author lies in here. In one of the shortest explanation, you agree with your friend on a certain aspect of your life but we still find the ways of glorifying ourselves in some way like if I was there than I would have done that way for better outcome.

    This is a human nature & we can't help it but instead we can increase our understanding with other so that the situation remain in control.

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    We can tell our juniors how we were during our past and compare that with the present day people of that age. But we can't say those days were good. As we have crossed that age we feel that we have done it in a better way than the present people. Everybody feels that they were better than the present-day people. This is the general tendency of the people to say that they are better than the others. Nobody may accept that the other person is a better guy than us. That is why people say gone are the days. We need not feel bad even somebody says their days were good than our days. That shows the level of satisfaction those people have.
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    Why gone days were always looked better because we were living in a disciplined society with a definite goal and aspirations and the time was not wasted , people are respected for their age and the things were happening as planned. Now a days, every one is educated and wants to have the say in every matter which irks the learned people who wants to pass the best things to the society. Especially the younger generation are averse to accepting new suggestions from the elders and wants to put their view. Probably this attitude made to think that the gone days were better.
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    i stand corrected for using an incorrect usage of 'gone days' in the title and in the content. it should be either 'bygone days' or 'days gone by'. Thanks to Gypsy for bringing it to the notice of the author through the Personal Message feature.

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    Maybe because our memories fail us. My grandpa who saw world wars and famines, hates standing in queue for drawing money from bank, saying his time was better. Was it?
    Memories fail us. We cannot concretely remember everything. I always wanted to live in ancient India around 300 B.C. But every age has its own failures. I would have not lived longer than 30 if I were born 300 years ago. Present problems are always seen as graver problems while the problems of past are brushed off because we have dealt them.

    The actor who reached his studio in time did so because he didn't deal with traffic. The early days of cricket were better because it wasn't this heavily capitalised. Cricket fields are battlefields nowadays. The clothes of yore seemed better because they fit the society at that time. We have to recall and remember we are living in the present and adapt. Past always seems better because we only remembered good things from past.

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