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    Benefits of Online Education for Kids

    In this age of the Internet Technology, there are many online platforms which provide support for child education, Do we really get benefitted by the online education system?
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    I do not support the online method of teaching the kids, who need personal attention from the teachers as there are every chance of distraction and running away from the course. In the class room itself , children are not active and the teacher has to tame them every now and then. If on line teaching is taken, the teaching would be fast , not to the understanding level of the child and the main draw back is that there is no interaction between student and the teacher. Children get more interested to go to school, because of a good and motherly behavior of teacher and that touch would be missing in on line teaching.
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    Online education supported by parents and teachers is the best way of learning in the present day conditions. Completly depending on online education is not the correct way. A student should have the personal attention of the parents and teachers as well.
    When a child starts getting educated through online she may get a good education but the kid will miss the society and personal interaction, This will help the student to learn how to move in the society and how to be a good human being. Online teaching may tell you the subjects but the values of life and ethics are not taught there. They should be taught by the parents and teachers. They should make the children follow those points in the life along with the teachers and parents. To get your doubts clarified through personal interaction is always a better way and give scope for personality development.

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    If we are just talking about kids, then parents or somebody like an elder sibling could guide the younger ones. I don't think kids can manage online education on their own. I say this because the internet is such a jungle that even we elders get swayed away by one or the other thing. We lose the track of time when surfing the net and our main work takes a backseat.
    I agree with the point that online education will enrich the child as any concept from the book can be made much more exciting with available videos and pictures on the net. Also, the child can correlate facts with reality and make a mental association much stronger than by just mugging a concept.
    If somebody can guide a kid, then online education will be an enriching and enlightening experience for the kids.

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    No, I do not support online education. It is all right to take advantages of online for preparing project, for making question paper, for test paper, etc. But you can replace the offline classes through the online education. Teaching is two direction method and it is practically not possible in online classes.
    Online classes can help to enrich the concept of the students but it cannot replace the offline classes.

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    There are different methods of providing education and one of them is online. There are few advantages of online education like, providing examples with necessary videos or pictures according to the topic, various topics to choose from, availability of many e-books on the topic.

    There are disadvantages too with the online method. In online method there is no interaction between the student and teacher thus the kid becomes less interested in asking questions and in turn becomes less socially interactive, the continuous moving images streaming through different videos reduces the concentration level of small kids, the information available online is so huge that at times it is difficult to choose the correct one.

    This is the age of internet and vast technological upgradation is on the way. Therefore a balanced method of both offline and online has to be followed under the proper guidance of parents.


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    Thanks for your valuable responses friends. We are now seeing an upsurge in the online education system and every school is converting themselves towards a smart school and creating an environment for the modernization of the education system.
    Why Can't we be a part of It and enhance the system in order to make our kids more efficient in studies?

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    There are many benefits of Online Education, read the below-mentioned points-
    Different learning styles.
    Improve communication skills.
    Develop creative & presentation skills.
    Increasing reading capability.

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