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    Goodbyes are never easy! Happy Friendship Day! - post your friendship greetings here

    Tomorrow is friendship day and yesterday I got a news and its hard to digest.

    I have always been the one to move to different states due to the nature of my parents work. It was never easy to say Goodbye to my old friends and embrace new friends in the new city.

    I always thought that it was hard to leave your friends but yesterday I realised that its harder to be left behind. My best friend is moving out and I can't stop thinking of all the wonderful times that we shared. It's difficult to be in a place where your best friend is not around.

    It's equally hard to see your best friend leave and say Good Bye!!

    PS: I just thought that writing would take my mind off, please ignore if there are any typos as I am writing this from my mobile.

    Happy Friendship Day!
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    It is really heart-breaking when your best friend bids you good-bye. But, after tge passage of time, we almost forget that heart-breaking event. When we get new friends in new places, we only remember our old friends in old cities. Except in very few cases, we no longer feel the pain of separation.
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    Yes it is really breaking heart situation for all to loose a friend with whom we had great bonding. First of all we wont make friendship with all and whom ever we liked from the inner heart are always remained as friends no matter they are near or far. But those who are really in touch with us and suddenly part ways due to their commitments, we get perturbed and deeply disturbed and wont even eat food properly. But now a days the video calling is possible through which we always have one to one conversation , but again being in person adds flavor to the friendship. On this great friendship day, I thank all those great friends who have been the pillar of strength and who have the guide and helped me in various ways. Without whom the life seems to be stand still and even one day parting with them disturbs the mind very much.
    K Mohan
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    It is really tough to say goodbye to your best friend but time is the best healer so you will not feel the pain of separation. It is the age of digital media and you can be in contact with your friend everytime you want. You can chat any time with him.
    Happy friendship day to all the ISCain fiends.

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    It is very hard to digest some facts. Same is the case with faring goodbye to the best friend. So definitely you will feel that and it is very difficult to cope up with these facts. Anyhow in course of time, you will get another best friend and the present best friend will become a friend. It is all natural. In course of our lives in different phases, we will have best friends and when we shift from one phase to another phase we will forget old friends and new friends will form. I think during the course of time you will get another best friend.
    On the occasion of Friendship day, I wish all the members, Editorial team, webmaster and all other concerned a happy friendship day.

    always confident

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    Having a good fried is always welcome. Most of the people will have friends, but those belonging to the category 'good friend' may be limited. I have several friends, but when I analyse their closeness, I do not find any body to be included in the category good friend. That does not mean they are not good. All are helpful and will extend their help when needs come.
    At the same time whom can be taken as best, is a problem. May be I never had an occasion where the friends had to contribute much. In my case I did all possible helps to every person known to me . In fact just helping in needs alone is not a measuring yard for friendship. Closeness of minds such that each understand other's needs even without demanding, indicate the strength of friendship.


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    A thread from the heart. I agree that goodbyes are the hardest but when we look back, at each step of our lives, a new phase really started with a goodbye!

    A class gets together at 10th or 12th after which we moved to college, then a farewell party after graduation after which came our jobs, send off party at the first job after which came a move up the career ladder. At each step, we left with a heavy heart but have memories that we still cherish even today. And at each new phase of our lives, we have had a chance to make new friends as we move on.

    Happy Friendship day!

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    This phase of Goodbye is hard, I really feel that I cannot make any more friends.
    Why does it have to so hard? I really wish if there were no goodbyes, life would be easier.

    We do have technologies which will help us to remain connected to our friends but it is not as same as having your friends around you.

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    We don't know when love and friendship blossom but they long forever if they are really true. Coming to friendship, there is no necessity that the friends should have common ideologies and no differences of opinion. They can be and should be, then only the friendship withstands test of time.

    In this virtual world too, we have friends and ISC has given me some good friends here. My wishes to all of you a very happy friendship day.


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    First of all, Happy friendship day to the entire family of ISC ! Hope we all had the chance to connect with our friends today in our own ways .
    As for separation from friends, life has taken me to many places and I am the who said a lot goodbyes. But
    friends have still remained in touch.
    We don't need to meet friends all the time and I have learnt this over the years.
    People who are in the heart always remain no matter the distance.
    And don't be sad ma'am, just pick up your smart phone and video call! Your friend will be right there in front of your eyes .

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    On this occasion of Friendship Day, my best wishes to all my friends in the virtual world and in the real world. During the long journey of more than fifty years, I have found some very valuable friends. They will always remain in my heart till my last days, even if I no longer have regular contacts with them.
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    Friends are the only one with whom one can confide and share the joys and sorrows of life.

    So departing from our friends is like a shock and grief which takes time to come back to normalcy till you acquire new friends in a new place.

    Still, the place which the old friends have in your heart is irreplaceable and one always yearns to go back to them.

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